Start Moving with Nebraska Home Sales 2019

    Nebraska Home Sales does a weekly radio show on KFOR, 1240 AM, every Saturday morning from 8:05-8:30. Start Moving™ with Nebraska Home Sales is hosted by KFOR’s Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg, the show covers all topics related to buying and selling real estate in the Lincoln, NE area. Dale, Rich, and other guest agents from Nebraska Home Sales will talk about everything you need to know about the housing industry in and around the Capital City, plus will bring a different guest every week to discuss different aspects of buying or selling your home.

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    November 9, 2019. Are you considering that move that will require you to right-size your living space and belongings? Jeannine Bryant of Changing Spaces joins Rich Rodenburg and Dale Johnson in the studio this morning. Jeannine and her staff specialize in helping people, especially seniors, with the physical and emotional process of right-sizing and moving. Whether it’s packing, sorting, moving, or distributing and selling a lifetime’s worth of valuables, Changing Spaces is there to help.


    November 2, 2019. We’re broadening the conversation today. Tabbitha Friesen, insurance agent/owner for Insurance 360 (I360). I360 is a branch of Nebraska Home Sales. NHS began I360 as a way to help provide real estate clients, whether residential or commercial, a more complete package for their real estate transaction. Listen to the show to find out more about the many kinds of insurance Tabbitha can help you with–residential, commercial, builders, auto, and more.

    October 26, 2019. Rich Rodenburg and Dale Johnson welcome Mark Zeller, Zeller Home Inspections and AtoZ Radon Solutions, into the studio today. Mark is here to talk about radon–an odorless, colorless gas that could come into your house from the soil your home is built in. What is it? Should you be worried about it? Are there any laws or regulations regarding radon mitigation? Listen for some special offered by Mark.


    October 19, 2019. Money on our minds today! Deb Melichar, CharterWest Mortgage, joins Rich Rodenburg, REALTOR® with Nebraska Home Sales, and Dale Johnson on the show. They’re starting with the new FHA rules for condos. When it comes to condos and FHA loans, there are extra requirements since condo associations are often a mix of primary residential, rental, and commercial. Listen here for all the details.

    October 12, 2019. Rich and Dale welcome Jaime Kubick, Southwick Liquid Waste, back into the studio this morning. As she has in the past, Jaime makes talking about liquid waste interesting and educational. This show has a special focus on new construction houses and why you should take your septic system as seriously as your choices for tile and flooring.


    October 5, 2019. Rob Tavis of Service Call, LLC, joins Rich and Dale in the studio this morning. Rob is here to talk about preparing your house for winter. Have you tried out your furnace yet for this Fall and Winter? Rob provides tips and techniques for identifying when you might need to have a service come look at your furnace. Listen for additional home maintenance tips for winterizing your home from Rich and Rob.


    September 28, 2019. Rich and Dale are in the studio this morning with Jeff Carsten, owner of Delta Restoration Services of Lincoln and Southeast Nebraska.He also owns the local franchises for ChemDry and N-Hance Wood Renewal. Delta Restoration is a full service restoration business for fire, water, and environmental damage. They see the project from beginning to end, from initial damage clean up to re-construction including working with your insurance company.

    September 21, 2019. Steve Arens, Broker of NHS Commercial, joins Dale Johnson in the studio. Topics of the day? Terrace View Development in Hickman where you can build your dream home at an affordable price! Hickman is in the Norris School Districtjust a few minutes south of Lincoln which offers small town living near all the big city amenities. Second topic: the quickly growing NHS Commercial brokerage that can help business owners sell, lease, or buy any commercial property in Lincoln, York, or Omaha.

    September 14, 2019. Dallas Whitford, Block and Beam Construction, is new to the show this week. Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg, Associate Broker of Nebraska Home Sales, welcome him with lots of questions about foundations and basements. Dallas has a depth of knowledge in the history of foundations and material types. He knows how to recognize the problems with your foundations and advise you on how to repair and maintain it. Contact Dallas at 402-467-5196 with all your questions.

    September 7, 2019. Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg are with Deb Melichar, Charter West Bank, this morning. Deb is here to talk to us about money and houses. “Interest rates are awesome,” she says. House prices might look like they’re going up, but the interest rates are so good that your money will go farther. Deb can talk to you about your buying power and about some of the financial benefits of buying a house. After you talk to Deb, Rich and his team will help you find that right house.


    August 31, 2019. Go Big Red! On this first day of the Husker Football Season, Mark Zeller, AtoZ Radon Solutions & Zeller Home Inspections, is on the show this morning with Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg, Associate Broker of Nebraska Home Sales. They’re talking about the benefits of having your home pre-inspected prior to listing. A pre-inspection gives the current homeowner a timely check of your home’s status. If you’re getting ready to list the inspection can put you in the driver’s seat. Knowledge about the condition of your homes helps you know what to fix before listing, how to price the home, and what to expect in later negotiations.


    August 24, 2019. Jeannine Bryant, Changing Spaces, joins Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg, Associate Broker of Nebraska Home Sales, on the radio show this morning. Jeannine and the staff of Changing Spaces helps you step-by-step in the process of right-sizing for your next move. You know where you are planning to move. Do you need helping sorting your stuff? Do you need help deciding what to take and what to leave? What about moving your belongings? What about disposing of everything else that you’re not taking? Whether you need help answering one of these questions or all of them, Jeannine can help you get yourself and your home ready for sale. Rich and the agents of Nebraska Home Sales can help you get the house sold!

    Check out Jeannine’s book Ready to Rightsize.


    August 17, 2019. Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg, Associate Broker of Nebraska Home Sales welcome Service Call of Lincoln this morning. Rob Tavis and Patrick are representing Service Call this morning. Patrick is the newest member of their team and works in their plumbing department. School is back in session and Husker football begins soon. It’s time to start talking about checking your home for winter. Before winter hits, check your roof and attic. Check your shingles, boots around your exhaust and plumbing stacks, gutters, the ventilation for exhaust fans in the attic, and your insulation.


    August 10, 2019. Kyle Fischer, Vice President of the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln, joins Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg, Associate Broker for Nebraska Home Sales. In his position, Kyle has his thumb on the heartbeat of the market in Lincoln. What is the status? The market seems to be stabilizing and improving over what it was last year or two years ago. Inventory (homes available) is going up and these homes are staying on the market a little bit longer. Average sale prices have also gone up. Listen to the show for all the details.


    August 3, 2019. Dale Johnson has Russ Meyer, Associate Broker with Nebraska Home Sales, as his co-host this morning. Russ has Adam Donner and Dave Egge of AJ Donner Construction as his guests this morning. AJ Donner Construction works in both residential and commercial building in Lincoln and surrounding areas. Russ met Adam and Dave when they were all working on the Antelope Square townhome development by NeighborWorks Lincoln and Assurity Life Insurance at 22nd & Q. This morning, they are announcing a new project of six homes, Roose Haven, they’re working on at 56th & Van Dorn. Listen to this show to learn a little more about how Nebraska Home Sales, its agents, and Lincoln’s builders are working on urban infill projects.


    July 27, 2019. We’re talking money, loans, and the ability to buy a home this morning. Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg, Associate Broker for Nebraska Home Sales, welcome Deb Melichar, mortgage loan officer with Charter West Mortgage. Lincoln is a really good place to live. Recent studies published through Smart Asset indicate that Lincoln ranks well on many of the quality of life, debt reduction, and home ownership scales. All those studies don’t tell the on-the-ground story of real estate that Rich and Deb know, so listen in to hear what they think of the stats in today’s Lincoln market.


    July 20, 2019. Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg, REALTOR® with Nebraska Home Sales, welcomes Mark Zeller, Zeller Home Inspections and AtoZ Radon Solutions. Inspections, Inspections, Inspections. Mark, Dale, and Rich talk about how knowledge is power. Mark Zeller talks about pre-inspections for sellers, radon inspections, and other inspection services that Zeller Home Inspections and AtoZ Radon Solutions offers to both buyers and sellers of homes.


    July 13, 2019. Steve Arens, broker for NHS Commercial and co-owner of Nebraska Home Sales, joins Dale Johnson this morning. Nebraska Home Sales has a development down in Hickman called Terrace View. Affordable lots and affordable homes are available in the Lancaster County market. As far as commercial properties, Steve shares what his team has available. Last, but not least, Nebraska Home Sales has opened an insurance branch. Listen for the first scoop about Insurance 360.


    July 6, 2019. Today is a day for reflection and looking back. Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg, REALTOR® with Nebraska Home Sales, welcome Brent Robinson, owner and broker for Nebraska Home Sales, into the studio. What’s the occasion? Nebraska Home Sales is 15 years old. Rich is an original founder of the company. Brent and his business partners purchased Nebraska Home Sales four years ago. Listen to learn about who and what NHS is. What has changed over the last 15 years? What does NHS bring to you as a potential buyer or seller?


    June 29, 2019. It’s a hot one out there! Dan Young, Service Call, LLC, is in the studio today with Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg, REALTOR® with Nebraska Home Sales. Topic of conversation? Air conditioners. Do you know what to do if your AC seems not to be cooling properly? What are good maintenance procedures? When should you call out a professional? Rich shares up to date numbers on the Lincoln real estate market. Listen in for some cool advice about air conditioning systems and selling homes!


    June 22, 2019. Dale Johnson welcomes Russ Meyer, REALTOR®, and Justin Fulbright, Complete Home Inspections, into the studio this morning. Complete Inspections offers whole house inspections, radon inspections, and pre-sale home inspections. If you’re thinking about listing your home, listen to this show for information about a pre-sale inspection. Sometimes, it can give you a leg up. Justin and Russ talk about how the focus of an inspection differs from town to town or county to county. Finally, they talk about the basic process of an inspection: how long it takes, what kind of access is needed, the walk-through summary, and the negotiations.


    June 15, 2019. Jaime Kubick, Southwick Liquid Waste, is back in the studio today with Rich and Dale! If you haven’t heard her shows, Jaime makes lagoons and septic systems interesting. She explains what septic systems are. All the rains from fall, winter and spring are having an effect on your lateral fields. Don’t know what a lateral field is? She explains those, too. Rain has been hard on folks with septic systems, and if you think you might be in this situation, give Southwick Liquid Waste a call.


    June 8, 2019. Rain, rain, go away!! Gus Ponstingl, the Leak Detective, is on air with Rich and Dale this morning. Water leaks in homes are his business. He has a history in drainage design and architecture. Gus shares what he does, how he does it, and why he does it. He can help you narrow down the problem and provide recommendations for alleviating the issue. Check out what he can do for you.


    June 1, 2019. Dale Johnson re-introduces Becky Huebner and Sarah Bishoff, REALTORS with Nebraska Home Sales. They brought in Nick Haselhorst, owner of the Level-Up Builders. Becky and Sarah have recently formed a new real estate team Real Life Real Estate Group. Learn how Becky and Sarah came together as real estate partners and what they each bring to the table in a transaction. Then take a few minutes to learn about Nick and the homes he builds.


    May 25, 2019. Rich and Dale welcome Deb Melichar, CharterWest Mortgage, into the studio this morning.  They’re talking about loans and getting co-signers. What does co-signing a loan mean? Who can co-sign a loan? More generally Rich and Deb talk about first-time home buyers and all of the options they have for purchasing a home.


    May 18, 2019. Rich Rodenburg joins Dale Johnson in the studio after a 12 day vacation to Holland. Dan Young, Service Call, LLC, is also in the studio to talk about getting your house and it’s systems ready for summer. Top two calls that Dan has been getting lately? Air Conditioning units and gutters. Listen to the show to hear about what you should be doing to preparing for summer. Dan also talks about what Service Call does really well–customer service, general contracting, and handyman services.


    May 11, 2019. The Lifestyles Realty Group is in the studio today with Dale Johnson. Susan Buettner, team lead, talks about the Lifestyles Realty Group’s mission: to help people live their best lifestyle. Bill Buettner is recently retired from a career in the National Guard. Tabbitha Friesen comes to the team from a customer service oriented background as a nurse and insurance agent. Why is a team important to them? How does the team function well for their business plan and for their real estate clients? How do their backgrounds make your real estate better?


    May 4, 2019. Russ Meyer co-hosting the show with Dale Johnson today. They welcome Tanya Angell, Vice President of Union Title, as their guest. One of Tanya’s first closings was with Russ Meyer many years ago. Since then, they have worked together closely on numerous transactions. Tanya is here to talk about Title Insurance, one of those little understood types of insurance that is invaluable when needed. Listen to the show to learn more about title insurance and how it protects both buyers and sellers of a home transaction.


    April 27, 2019. Rich Rodenburg and Dale Johnson welcome Mark Zeller, Zeller Home Inspections and AtoZ Radon Solutions, in the studio. Mark and Rich talk about pre-sale home inspections, radon, and spring maintenance. Mark is also offering a FREE radon test for your home if you mention the radio show when you call. Never heard of radon? This show has all the information you need.


    April 20, 2019. Dale and Rich have a full studio this morning. Jaime Kubick with Southwick Liquid Waste is on the air. Southwick Liquid Waste is a septic and lagoon company. Today, Jaime is talking about an alternative system added to your standard septic system that cleans up the water before it makes it to you lateral field. Jaime talks about the implications of this system on the size and life of your system and lateral field. She also spends time talking about the services Southwick offers for maintenance and repair.


    April 13, 2019. It’s Spring Game Day! Deb Melichar, CharterWest Mortgage, is Dale and Rich‘s guest this morning. They’re talking about some of the nitty-gritty details of getting pre-qualified for a loan and other loan opportunities. Are you considering buying a home? Deb has some great advice on how to start thinking about whether or not you can afford to buy and what you can afford to buy. What about re-financing? Interest rates are still very low. They close out the show talking about credit scores, traditional and non-traditional credit types, and some good hints about getting your credit in order.


    April 6, 2019. Dale Johnson welcome Steve Arens, broker for NHS Commercial. NHS Commercial is the commercial real estate wing of Nebraska Home Sales, LLC. Steve talks about the similarities and differences between residential and commercial. He also talks about his credentials and how his experience as a business owner, investor, and commercial property owner helps him and his team of agents work with Nebraska business owners looking for commercial properties. NHS Commercial has knowledgable agents in Lincoln, Omaha, and York.


    March 30, 2019. Dale and Rich welcome Dan Young, Service Call, LLC, into the studio this morning. Spring has sprung! Today’s topic is checking your home’s readiness for spring and summer weather–water and heat. Dan and Rich talk about tips for keeping water out of your basement and your roof from leaking as well as tips for checking your air conditioner and basic home maintenance.


    March 23, 2019. Welcome Cody Brinkman, Associate Broker with Nebraska Home Sales and the RE Consultants Team. Dale Johnson and Cody are talking about Air BnB’s and new legislation protecting short-term rentals. Cody and Dale talk about the new legislation as well as the pros and cons of short-term rentals. What makes a good short-term rental? What kind of work does it require? What are some of the pitfalls? What are visitor expectations? What’s the profit involved?


    March 16, 2019. Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg welcome Kyle Fischer, Executive Vice President of the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln. Our topics today? The status of the market and the Multiple Listing Service merge. Kyle says that he sees a balancing of the market, a more neutral market. They talk about the averages of 2018 and what they expect to happen in 2019. Kyle and Rich also talk about how Omaha and Lincoln and most of eastern Nebraska are combining their multiple listing services in order to provide better service to their clients.

    March 9, 2019. Deb Melichar, CharterWest Mortgage, is in the studio this morning with Rich Rodenburg and Dale Johnson. Today’s topic is millennial homebuyers. Who are they? How do we serve them well as REALTORS and loan officers? What are they looking for in the real estate market? What is their buying power? You might be surprised by some of the answers to these questions.


    March 2, 2019. Rich Rodenburg and Dale Johnson are in the studio this morning with Dan Young, Service Call, LLC. They’re taking a step back in time to learn a little more about how Dan Young started his career and started Service Call. They also talk about what kinds of updates, renovations, and clean up of your home can help get you a better price for your home. If you’ve been following the Project LifeSaver program, Dan makes an exciting announcement.


    February 23, 2019. Rich Rodenburg and Dale Johnson welcome Jeannine Bryant back onto the show today. Jeannine Bryant is owner and director of Changing Spaces, SRS, LLC. Changing Spaces is the oldest senior move management company in Lincoln, Nebraska. Jeannine and her team are here to help seniors and their families who are looking to right-size into townhomes or a senior living center.


    February 16, 2019. Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg are in the studio on this cold morning. They’re talking about housing markets today. Dale brought in an interesting read from Smart Asset detailing the healthiest housing markets in Nebraska. Smart Asset identified Lincoln as the healthiest housing market in Nebraska. Rich and Dale talk all things home-buying. What options are available for first-time homebuyers, homebuyers without credit, homeowners downsizing? Rich wraps up the show with statistics on today’s current market in Lincoln.


    February 9, 2019. Russ Meyer is in the studio today with Dale Johnson. He has Justin Fulbright with Complete Inspections as his guest. Learn about Justin, his team, and his company. It’s really cold outside tonight. Justin and Russ talk about some of the effects that all of this cold have on your house and what they see during inspections. More broadly, when should you or can you get a home inspection? Complete Inspections offers a consulting service to help you create a home maintenance schedule. Interested in talking to Justin and his team? Call them at 402-821-2030.


    February 2, 2019. Rich and Dale are in the studio this morning with Mark Zeller, Zeller Home Inspections and AtoZ Radon Solutions. This show is the A to Z about radon. What is radon? How does it come into your home? Why should you be concerned about radon? Any questions? Give AtoZ Radon Solutions a call 402-742-5806. They are providing a free radon test if you call this week (by February 8th, 2019).


    January 26, 2019. Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg are hosting Dan Young and Rob Tavis, Service Call, LLC. Service Call can help you with just about any kind of home maintenance, repair, renovation, or remodel you can think of. Their services are broad–sometimes their employees are your handyman for a small project and sometimes they work as the general contractor for a larger project. Dan and Rob share how Service Call works and how they keep their customers’ needs and budgets in mind. They also give a little advice on handling your pipes and cold weather. Rich has information about the tax assessment and appeal process.


    January 19, 2019. Rich Rodenburg and Dale Johnson welcome a special guest today. Jack Rodenburg, Rich’s son, is a first-time homebuyer. Are you a renter and considering buying a house? Jack talks about the difference between being a renter and being a homeowner. What is the psychological difference for a new homeowner writing a mortgage check instead of a rent check? What are the differences in responsibilities when you’re suddenly responsible for the maintenance and the taxes?


    January 12, 2019. Welcome to the show on this snowy morning! Jamie Kubick, Southwick Liquid Waste, is on to talk about septic systems and waste water–even the waste water you don’t think about. Today, she is talking to Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg about maintaining septic systems. Do you know the last time you had your system pumped? Are you careful about what kind of toilet paper you’re using? Are you considering buying your dream acreage outside of the city limits and building your dream home? Planning your wastewater system is important. Jamie packs a lot of information into this show. Don’t miss this one!


    January 5, 2019. Start the year off right with Start Moving with Nebraska Home Sales. RE Consultants Team led by Lynette Hellerich is in the studio with Dale Johnson. They welcome Jeff Dewey from Cattle Bank & Trust along with Lynette’s team of REALTORS®: Cody Brinkman, Stacy Manson, and Tiffie Hunter. They’re talking about investment properties, fix-and-flip properties, and how your REALTOR® and your loan officer can help you out.