Start Moving with Nebraska Home Sales 2018

    Nebraska Home Sales does a weekly radio show on KFOR, 1240 AM, every Saturday morning from 8:05-8:30. Start Moving™ with Nebraska Home Sales is hosted by KFOR’s Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg, the show covers all topics related to buying and selling real estate in the Lincoln, NE area. Dale, Rich, and other guest agents from Nebraska Home Sales will talk about everything you need to know about the housing industry in and around the Capital City, plus will bring a different guest every week to discuss different aspects of buying or selling your home.

    If you have a question about buying or selling a home that you would like to ask, call the show at (402) 489-1240, or send an email to

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    December 29, 2018. Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg are wrapping up the year with Mark Zeller from Zeller Home Inspections and AtoZ Radon Solutions. January is Radon Action Month. Radon is an inert gas that enters your home and has been identified as the second leading cause (after smoking) of lung cancer. Having your home tested for radon is inexpensive (~$100). And, mitigating your home for radon is a good idea if it tests high. Mark is offering free radon tests if you call before the end of this week (January 4th). Contact them at 402-742-5806.

    December 22, 2018. Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg welcome you to the Christmas Edition of the show. Special guest today is Max Rodenburg, Rich’s son and lawyer at Rembolt Ludtke LLP, focuses on business and estate planning. Your home is one of your biggest assets and should be considered in your personal estate planning. In this show, you’ll get probate and estate planning 101.


    December 15, 2018. Rich Rodenburg and Dale Johnson have Dan Young, Service Call, and Adelaide Young in the studio this morning. Dan and his daughter are back in the studio this morning to talk about Project Lifesaver and the fundraising goals for this holiday season. Project Lifesaver and the Jullia Rose Foundation offset costs for families and fund the programs and the equipment for the Lincoln Police Department and Omaha Police Department. Know a child that needs a bracelet? Call Dan at 402-310-8858 or contact the Autism Family Network. They’re also raising funds for this project. Service Call has already raised $10,000 this year from their customer network. Service Call will match up to $20,000 in donations. Interested in donating? Check out the Jullia Rose Foundation website and Facebook page.


    December 8, 2018. Becky Huebner joins Dale Johnson on the show this morning. Tanya Angell from Union Title is the guest on the show today. Tanya spends a little bit of time talking about title insurance, but the bigger topic of today is Home Owners’ Associations (HOA). What are they? What should you know when you’re buying a home? Traditionally common with townhomes and condos, single family homes can also have an HOAs. Learn about HOAs and covenants (the rules governing your HOA). An HOA can manage everything from common area or green space maintenance and services provided to homeowners to what color you can paint your home or what kind of fence you can put around your yard.


    December 1, 2018. Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg welcome Deb Melichar, CharterWest Bank. Deb is here to give us her next installment on the financial market and how it affects your potential to buy a home. Do you know what the prime interest rate is? Do you know how the stocks and bonds markets affect your ability to get a loan? It’s all about the interest rates, so listen to today’s shows.


    November 25, 2018. Rich Rodenburg and Dale Johnson talk about the market. Rich and his team Kim Soucie and Tim Reckling have a wide range of homes on the market that they’d love to show you. Rich and Dale also talk about how and when you should call a REALTOR® to talk about buying a home.


    November 17, 2018. Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg are back in the studio this morning with Dan Young and Rob Tavis of Service Call, LLC. We’re getting to the end of the year. Last year, Dan Young and Service Call raised money for Project Lifesaver. Listen for an update on this great technology that allows parents of children with developmental disabilities and law enforcement find and protect these children. Dan and Rob are also here this morning to talk about common holiday problems in your home. What should you be putting down your garbage disposal? Why should you clean your gutters before winter fully sets in? What are some home maintenance items you should take care of?


    November 10, 2018. Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg welcome Tyler Kelly and Hayden Frerichs from Pure Comfort Heating and Air. These guys know all there is to know about furnaces, heat pumps, geothermal heating, and more. Whether your furnace needs repair or simply an inspection, give these guys a call! If you listen, you can also hear about the special. It’s only good this week.


    November 3, 2018. Dale Johnson welcomes Russ Meyer and Lynn Hartzell, REALTORS® of Nebraska Home Sales, onto the show today. Learn a little more about Lynn, one of NHS’ newest agents. Russ and Lynn talk about their new team Front Door Realty Group and answer listeners’ questions about listing their homes in today’s market.


    October 27, 2018. Rich Rodenburg, Dale Johnson, and Deb Melichar of Charter West Mortgage are talking about loans today. As Deb says, there is no one-type-fits-all loan. Packed with information, Deb, Rich, and Dale talk about loan types, down payments, helping you build credit, home buyer assistance programs, and much more. Deb explains how your loan officer will help you figure out what kind of loan and down payment will use your money to its fullest.


    October 20, 2018. Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg are live this morning with Kyle Fischer, Executive Vice President of the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln. They’re talking about the current market here in Lincoln. The market has slowed some since the earlier rush of this year. Kyle talks about what the RAL is noticing in the market–price ranges, average days on the market, new and existing construction, changes in home prices, and much more.


    October 13, 2018. Rich Rodenburg and Dale Johnson have Rob Tavis, Service Call, in the studio to talk about preparing for winter. From furnaces to carbon monoxide detectors to sprinklers and gutters, this show will help you make that checklist for this upcoming winter.


    October 6, 2018. Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg welcome Jeannine Bryant, Changing Spaces, back into the studio. Lived in your home for as long as you can remember? Looking to downsize? Don’t know what to do with a lifetime of memories and stuff? Jeannine and her team can help you out. They’ll help you with a plan, with cleaning out, with packing, moving, unpacking, and selling. Rich will also update you on the status of the market here in Lincoln.


    September 29, 2018. Rich Rodenburg is back in the studio with Dale Johnson. They welcome Gus Ponstingl, the Leak Detective, to talk to us about water around our homes during these wet, soggy months. The Leak Detective is an inspection of water around your home–the source of the water, where it enters into the ground, where it exits into your basement. Gus does more than a visual inspection–he tests what he thinks is the cause of the leak. Gus has a deep knowledge of water leaks, so give him a call if you’re having a problem.


    September 22, 2018. Dale Johnson welcomes the RE Consultants Team of Nebraska Home Sales led by Lynette Hellerich. Along with Lynette, in the studio are Cody Brinkman, Tiffie Hunter, and Ashley Oborny. “It’s hard to be a REALTOR® out there on your own,” says Lynette. Teams can be good for REALTORS® and their clients because each member of the team brings specialized skills and experiences. Lynette has a background in banking and more than thirty years in real estate; Cody came to real estate by way of rental properties and fix-n-flip properties. Ashley specializes in both first-time home buyers and buyers/sellers who are looking for acreages. Tiffie shares her knowledge of working with For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties. Let their TEAM work for you!


    September 15, 2018. It’s time to talk about radon again! Mark Zeller, Zeller Home Inspections and AtoZ Radon, is in the studio with Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg. They cover everything radon AND offer a free radon test if you call by Saturday, September 22, 2018.


    September 8, 2018. Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg talk with Dan Young, Service Call LLC. This is a timely show to talk about water in your basement after the heavy rains the first weekend of September. The best time to prepare your home for heavy rains is before you have heavy rain. Dan and Rich talk through tips for preparing. Have you had your sump pump checked? Have you re-graded the dirt around your house to route water away from the house? Are your window wells covered? And more.


    September 1, 2018. Welcome to September! Deb Melichar, Charter West Bank, is in the studio with Rich and Dale to talk about the state of financing. Rich and Deb are talking about how the market seems to be settling or even-ing out for home buyers. Where there was tight competition earlier in the summer, the market seems to be balancing out some for buyers. They also talk about a topic we don’t talk about much on this show–renting vs. buying–and the benefits of home ownership in the current market. Deb and Rich cover a variety of topics to wrap up this show–pre-qualification letters, credit after putting a home under contract, and credit scores.


    August 25, 2018. Rich and Dale welcome Jeannine Bryant from Changing Spaces back into the studio. For those of you who are new to the show, Jeannine works with sellers who don’t know what to do with all the stuff in their home, specializing in seniors who are right-sizing. Wanting to move, but not sure where to start with your house? Changing Spaces has Resources. There are five steps to this journey–Jeannine and Changing Spaces can help you.


    August 18, 2018. Today is a call-in show with Dale, Rich and Rob Tavis from Service Call, LLC. Fall is coming. What do you need to do for your home to prepare for Fall? The show covers everything from gutters and leaf clean up to checking your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to having your furnace serviced.


    August 11, 2018. Dale Johnson introduces Neeley Morrison, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR®, and her husband Paul to listeners. Neeley is a new agent to NHS, but she is not new to real estate. Paul is the regional manager for Welter Construction specializing in restoration of property. Neeley has an interest in design and helping her clients envision what a home can look like. She’s even got an app to talk about–ShowOff. Listen to the show for their story!


    August 3, 2018. Dale Johnson is with Susan Buettner, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR®, today. Susan brought Neil Smith, Woodland Homes, a builder out of Omaha. Woodland Homes has been building for 40 years. Woodland Homes builds luxury, semi-custom homes. They’ve been in the Lincoln market for just over three years. Learn more about their building philosophy and their diversity of floor plans. They also answer questions about what features and materials are popular with today’s buyers.


    July 28, 2018. Rich Rodenburg and Dale Johnson welcome Deb Melichar, Charter West Bank, talk about getting pre-qualified to purchase a home and the importance of your credit score. Why are credit scores important? Did you know that there is more than one kind of credit score and credit report? Deb gives really advice about how to handle and protect your credit while you’re in the process of buying a house.


    July 21, 2018. Rich Rodenburg is back in the studio with Dale Johnson after a couple of weeks traveling. Mark Zeller, Zeller Home Inspections and AtoZ Radon Solutions, is here to talk about inspections, specifically radon and water intrusion issues. Questions about radon? Listen to the show for information about EPA limits, what can create high radon levels, and the importance of having your home tested. Have you had some water leakage? Mark talks about some of the most common ways that water can begin leaking into your home. And, it’s not scary stuff! Zeller is happy to provide you with a consultation.


    July 14, 2018. Russ Meyer is hosting the show this morning with Dale Johnson. Justin Fulbright from Complete Inspections is today’s guests. The topic? Home Inspections! Your home inspector is your expert who can provide you with the information about the physical condition of your home to make you an informed buyer. The goal of the inspection is not to scare you–it’s to give you knowledge about the property you need to have to make an informed decision and be a good home owner. Thinking about not having inspections on the home you want to purchase? Consult with your REALTOR® about your options.


    July 7, 2018. Dale Johnson welcomes NHS Commercial agents Steve Arens and Aaron Fuller into the studio this morning. The conversation today is commercial real estate. Steve and Aaron talk about differences in commercial and residential real estate. They talk about the challenges and achievements involved in adding a commercial branch to a residential brokerage. And they talk about how the brokerage has worked to grow NHS Commercial as they’ve grown Nebraska Home Sales to Omaha and York.


    June 30, 2018. Rich Rodenburg is back in the studio after doing the Tour de Nebraska. He and Dan Johnson welcome Dan Young, Service Call, back into the studio. Today they’re talking about ensuring that the service providers who come into your home have liability insurance. How does your provider having insurance protect you? How does it protect your provider?


    June 23, 2018. Russ Meyer is back in the studio with Dale Johnson this morning. Kelly Prater, Kelly Prater Carpet Repair-Installation, is the guest in the studio today. He’s talking about carpet repair. Kelly has the solutions to replacing all of your carpet! Kelly can help you with stains, pet damage, burns, water damage, re-stretching. He can also advise you on whether to replace or repair your carpet.

    June 16, 2018. Rich and Dale welcome a brand new guest into the studio this morning. Monroe Love, Jr. of Love2Build, LLC talks to us about decks. Want to know more about good options for decks? Listen to this show. Questions about maintenance and care of your deck? Love2Build is a good place to call. Rich also shares information about what adding a deck to your home will or will not do for the price of your home.


    June 9, 2018. Deb Melichar, Charter West, is in the studio this morning with Dale and Rich. What’s new? Italy’s financial situation is impacting our home mortgage interest rates. What goes on in other countries can have unexpected impacts on our local economy. Deb also talks about some other things that can impact your interest rates: credit scores, the amount you’re borrowing, debt to income ratio, and many other things. She also provides listeners with lots of information on FHA loans, USDA loans, Rural Development loans, and NIFA riders.


    June 2, 2018. Rich and Dale are here with us again this Saturday. They have a brand new agent to Nebraska Home Sales, Kim Deprez, and her husband, Jim Deprez of Deprez Custom Homes. He’s been building homes for almost 25 years. This morning, they’re talking about the Terrace View, NHS’ development in the fast-growing city of Hickman.


    May 26, 2018. Rich Rodenburg and Dale Johnson are in the studio today. They welcome Dan Young back from Service Call. It’s been in the upper 90s this week, so it’s time to talk about air conditioners. Dan shares some advice on maintaining your air conditioner so that you don’t have to call him. If you are having air conditioning problems, ask Service Call to check it out for you.


    May 19, 2018. Welcome back Gus Ponstingl! Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg talk water with The Leak Detective. Do you have water in your basement or in your home? Do you know where it’s coming from? Gus gives you some basic things to check for–clogged gutters, drainage from the gutters, swampy or soggy areas. Gus shares with Rich and Dale the details of his process and what he can do for you.


    May 12, 2018. Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg welcome Kyle Fischer, Executive Vice President of the REALTORS Association of Lincoln. Today is all about the numbers. The market is strong where correctly priced homes sell quickly. Total existing home sales are down a little from previous years, but new home sales are up a little. Average prices for homes for both new and existing homes are up. Listen for advice to both sellers and buyers! Kyle also addresses the merging of the Lincoln and Omaha multiple listing services (the location where we share our listings with other brokerages). This will have a big impact on how well your REALTOR can work for you!


    May 5, 2018. Russ Meyer joins Dale Johnson in the studio this morning. His guests are Mike Renkin, Executive Director of Neighborworks, Lincoln, and Katelyn Rempe, Neighborworks buyer. Katelyn bought her first home last year. Listen to her story of why she wanted to buy a house and how she went about the process of buying. Why did Katelyn go through NeighborWorks to purchase her house? How did it benefit her? How did her search fit within the Neighborworks program? Mike provides an overview of the program, its requirements, and how  NeighborWorks contributes to homeownership success in Lincoln. Don’t miss NeighborWorks’ Open House on June 10th. Come see 6 townhomes and homes owned and occupied by NeighborWorks buyers and the Hawley Hamlet Garden. Come register at 2530 Q Street at 1PM.


    April 28, 2018. Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg start out a beautiful Saturday morning with Deb Melichar, Charter West Bank. None of us really likes to think about money and interest rates…but this is a really interesting and important conversation! Interest rates went up on April 27th. How does that affect home buying? Deb shares important information about pre-approval, locking in your interest rate, and mortgage types and interest rates. Call your lender (or Deb) to find out how the interest rate affects your buying power.


    April 21, 2018. Rich and Dale host Dan Young, Service Call, and Tom Weezer, Capitol Heating and Air. Dan invited Tom to join him today so that they could talk about air conditioners maintenance and repairs. Spring is quickly approaching, and Tom has some guidelines and advice for taking care of your air conditioner. Dan also has an update on Project LifeSaver and the Julia Rose Foundation. The project received the needed funding and is moving forward. Thank you so much to our listeners who contributed to the fundraising efforts!


    April 14, 2018. Rich Rodenburg and Dale Johnson visit with Jeannine Bryant, Changing Spaces. Are you looking to right-size your living situation? Changing Spaces specializes in helping people move. They are logistics coordinators and coaches when it comes to right-sizing, choosing what to keep, and making an organized move. They’ll do everything from helping you sort through/pack/sell your belongings to measuring your new space for your furniture to unpacking your things in the new home. Call them today!


    April 7, 2018. Dale Johnson hosts Becky Huebner and her guest Tanya Angell, Union Title Company. Do you know what title insurance is and why you must have it when you’re buying a home? What about an escrow closer? How does an escrow closer help facilitate your transaction? Learn a little about the history of title insurance and how title insurance protects you as the buyer and your lender. This show is Title Insurance 101. Consider this essential listening for your home buying process!


    March 31, 2018. Rich and Dale welcome Kim Soucie and Jim Deprez, Deprez Custom Homes, to talk about new construction. Learn about Jim and his building philosophy as a hands-on builder. They’re covering a lot today. Deprez has homes on the market–check them out on Kim and Rich’s websites. They’re participating in Nebraska Home Sale’s Terrace View development in Hickman, Nebraska. Rich will also give you a run-down of Lincoln’s market.


    March 24, 2018. Bill Buettner, Nebraska Home Sales agent, joins Dale Johnson for the radio show this morning. Kevin Monosmith, The GroutSmith, is the guest this morning. He owns a franchise here in town that repairs, restores, and cleans grout and tile. Kevin talks about whether you should replace tile and grout or call The GroutSmith to come out repair or clean.


    March 17, 2018. Rich and Dale celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Dan Young, Rob Tavis, and Dave from Service Call. We’re covering a lot this morning. The first timely conversation is about the copper thieves hitting vacant homes (for sale and rent) and causing a lot of damage. What are some tips and techniques for deterring the thieves? Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, the theme of the second half of the show is Go Green! Dan, Rob, and Dave give advice on how to make your home more energy efficient often in very simple and inexpensive ways.


    March 10, 2018. Free radon test if you call within a week of this show!! ($100 savings) Rich and guest host, Jackie, welcome Mark Zeller and Chris Pelser, Z&H Enterprises (Zeller Home Inspections and AtoZ Radon). Radon’s been identified as a leading cause of lung cancer, so take it seriously. Mark says, “Nebraska’s not just known for volleyball anymore, we’re known for radon, too.” Learn everything you ever wanted to know about radon and radon mitigation. In the second half of the show, learn about home inspections. You don’t have to be buying or selling a home to get an inspection. They’ll do a maintenance inspection as well if you’re a homeowner who wants another set of eyes on what might need repaired or maintained.


    March 3, 2018. Dale and Rich visit with Jamie Kubick, Southwick Liquid Waste. Jamie is a first time guest on the show and is talking about one of those things we don’t always want to think about–septic tanks and liquid waste. How much do you know about septic systems? What’s a percolation test? This show’s not just about the gross stuff, it’s about your dishwasher, your laundry, your whirlpool tub, and even how much rain we’ve had.


    February 24, 2018. Dale Johnson and Rich Rodenburg welcome Dan Young and Rob Tavis from Service Call. As Spring approaches, it’s time again to talk about taking care of that deferred maintenance. Take care of it now to avoid higher costs later. There are many things you can do yourself. If there’s something you can’t do, Service Call can get it all done for you with one of their technicians or a trusted sub-contractor.


    February 17, 2018. Deb Melichar, CharterWest Bank, is in the studio this morning to talk about money! She talks with Rich and Dale about the changes in the financial market over the last few weeks. No financial topic is off-limits this morning! Interest rates have gone up. Mortgages, historical interest rates, the stock market, paying points, and more.


    February 10, 2018. Start Moving hosts, Dale Johnson and Becky Huebner, welcome some first-time home buyers. Listen to Caleb and Emily’s story about looking for their first home and working with their REALTOR(R). How did they know when it was time to buy? What did they do to plan for buying a home? How did having an agent help in the process? Where and how did they look for a home?


    February 3, 2018. Rich and Dale are in the studio today with Jeannine Bryant, Changing Spaces. Changing Spaces is celebrating ten years in the business of right-sizing! Listen to some of Jeannine’s favorite memories. In the process, Jeannine explains the heart of what Changing Spaces does–help you make the hard decisions about right-sizing and get you moved into your new place. Jeannine will tell you about their upcoming estate sales. Rich will fill you in on important happenings in the legislature that might affect the costs of selling or buying your home.


    January 27, 2018. Russ Meyer is back in the studio with Dale for this first time this year. They welcome AJ and Justin Fullbright, Complete Inspections Services. What kinds of inspections are available? What’s the best value? When should you go beyond a whole home inspection to other kinds? Whole home inspections usually take 3-4 hours. Justin fills listeners in with the details of what happens in an inspection from checking the roof to starting the dishwasher and opening windows. They finish off the inspections with a written report for buyers and a walk-thru with the buyers to talk about the findings.


    January 20, 2018. Rich Rodenburg and Dale Johnson chat with Kyle Fischer, Executive Vice President of the REALTORS(R) Association of Lincoln. If you like numbers, this is the show for you! Rich, Dale, and Kyle talk about numbers from 2017: 1,000 REALTORS(R) licensed in our area, 5,171 single family residences sold through the Midlands Multiple Listing Service, average home price of $204,000. Learn about the historical rates of home sales and prices in Lincoln and surrounding areas. How stable is the Lincoln economy? What is the value of owning a home? And that’s just the beginning of the show…


    January 13, 2018. Rich Rodenburg and Dale Johnson welcome Ron Stachura, The Glass Doctor. This is Ron’s first time on the show, and he knows glass and windows whether it’s for your home or your car. He’s been in the business for over 20 years. Do you know the difference between tempered and annealed glass? Do you know what kinds of glass should go in different parts of your home? Listen to the show and learn something new!


    January 6, 2018. Welcome to 2018 with Start Moving with Nebraska Home Sales! Rich Rodenburg and Dale Johnson are in the studio with Dan Young and Rob Tavis from Service Call. Service Call is a one-stop shop for all of your home repair and home maintenance needs. You call them and pay one invoice, they hire the sub-contractors. Also, listen for the wrap-up of Service Call’s holiday program, Operation LifeSaver, that provides trackers to people who tend to wander. The 2017 fundraiser raised $25,000 and Service Call matched it with another $25,000.