Start Moving with Nebraska Home Sales 2015

    Nebraska Home Sales does a weekly radio show on KFOR, 1240 AM, every Saturday morning from 8:05-8:30. Start Moving™ with Nebraska Home Sales is hosted by KFOR’s Dale Johnson andRich Rodenburg, the show covers all topics related to buying and selling real estate in the Lincoln, NE area. Dale and Rich will talk about everything you need to know about the housing industry in and around the Capital City, plus will bring a different guest every week to discuss different aspects of buying or selling your home.

    If you have a question about buying or selling a home that you would like to ask, call the show at (402) 489-1240, or send an email to

    December 26, 2015. Rich Rodenburg and Dan Young at Service Call donation to Helping Hands

    December 19, 2015. Rich Rodenburg and Deb Melichar with Charter West discussing rising interest rates

    December 13, 2015. Rich Rodenburg and Russ Meyer from Nebraska Home Sales interviewing Rich

    December 5, 2015. Rich Rodenburg and Deb Melichar with Charter West discussing interest rates predictions

    November 29, 2015. Rich Rodenburg and Russ Meyer with Dan Young and Rob Tavis at Service Call giving back to the community

    November 21, 2015. Rich Rodenburg and Lincoln mayor Chris Beutler discussing Lincoln quality of life

    November 14, 2015. Rich Rodenburg and Lance Roach with JL Exteriors

    November 7, 2015. Rich Rodenburg with Cathy Beecham, Lancaster County Planning Board

    October 31, 2015. Rich Rodenburg and Jason Gruhn at Total Home Inspection

    October 24, 2015. Rich Rodenburg goes to mail bag to answer questions from viewers about selling their homes