We’re Smiling About Lincoln’s National Awards (October 2010)

    The awards for Lincoln keep coming in and it seems as though the national pundits have finally figured out that our fair city is a pretty great place to live.

    Over the last few months the city has scored some pretty neat awards:

    • Parents Magazine– third best city in the country to raise a baby – Oct. 2010
    • MSN Real Estate– top ten most livable bargain markets, Sept. 2010
    • com– 13th best place to retire – Sept. 2010
    • com– 16th most affordable housing market in nation, July 2010
    • American Institute for Economic Research– 13th best small metro for college students – Sept. 2010
    • Allstate– 9th safest city to drive – Sept. 2010

    But now comes a new honor from a national magazine that’s got some real teeth. “Men’s Health” ranks Lincoln as the fourth-best-toothed town in America. You can read the full article here, but’s it’s fair to say it brought a fully toothed smile to our faces.

    Here’s a more complete list of other recent honors for the city:

    • Forbes: # 5 in 2010 “Best Places for Business and Careers” (#5 in 2009, #18 in 2008)
    • Forbes: #9 in 2010 “America’s Most Livable Cities”
    • Relocate America: 2010 “Top 100 Places to Live”
    • International Downtown Association: Downtown Lincoln featured as “Downtown of the Month” for March 2010
    • Manpower: #1 for job prospects in fourth-quarter Employment Outlook Survey (2009)
    • Forbes: #2 in best prospects for a housing recovery (2009)
    • com: #3 in most affordable market for first-time home buyers (2009)
    • Children’s Health magazine: #4 in best places to raise a family (2009)
    • FORTUNE Small Business magazine: #10 in “Best Places to Launch a Small Business” among mid-sized cities (2009)
    • Men’s Health magazine: #9 in “Best Cities for Men”(2009)
    • Central Connecticut State University: #23 in most literate cities (2009)
    • S. News and World Report magazine: #10 in “Great Under-priced College Towns” (2009)
    • Next Generation Consulting: #15 in “Midsized Magnets” for “next generation” work force (2009)
    • com: #14 in quality of life (2009)
    • Expansion Management: “Five Star Business Opportunity Metro”; “Five Star Quality of Life Metro”; # 10 in “Best Places in U.S. to Locate a Company”
    • Forbes: #4 in “Best Overall Business Climate”
    • National Policy Research Council: “Entrepreneurial Hot Spots”
    • Magazine: #22 in “Best Small Metro Areas for Starting a Growing a Business”
    • Child Magazine: #20 in “Best Cities for Families
    • Business Week: #16 in “Best Cities for Riding Out a Recession” (2008)
    • S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: #15 in best places to find a job (2008)