Giving Back is Good Business (October 2012)

    By Katie Pocras, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor

    When Rich Rodenburg and I started Nebraska Home Sales, one of the things we decided early on was to support our community. We figured Lincoln is a great place to live, so we wanted do our part to make a difference.

    Through the years, we’ve supported local non-profits that, we believe, are striving to have a positive impact. We want to play a role in making Lincoln an even better place for everyone to live and work. In addition, many Nebraska Home Sales Realtors are also very involved in donating their time to various community organizations.

    This month, Nebraska Home Sales supported a community event sponsored by CenterPointe, an organization focused on helping people fight substance abuse and mental illness. It was an enlightening evening to see what this organization is doing, how it serves their clients and the benefit to our community. Through services provided by CenterPointe, clients become employed, tax-paying citizens. A very good thing.

    One of the more interesting volunteer stories I heard recently was about the decommissioned space shuttle, “Endeavour.” Countless volunteer hours are being spent trying to figure out how to get the Endeavour from its 747 jet to its new home in a Los Angeles museum. The puzzle is how to take this massive shuttle and move it down city streets. I’m looking forward to the photos!

    So while Lincoln doesn’t have a space shuttle, we do have lots of many other good things that make it such a great place to live, work and play. We hope you will agree and join us in supporting your favorite organizations. Every little bit counts!