Yes, I Can (March 31, 2018)








    By Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR®


    When something is ordinary or every day in our life it’s easy to stop seeing it. An arms-length view, time or distance is the easy antidote.

    When we sold our own home I asked a colleague to tell me how to get it show ready. When my kiddos were young I’d bounce my parenting challenges off friends who provided the obvious solution, the one right in front of me. Furniture arranging, schedule arranging, business plans, watching kids and gardens grow, and well, just about everything can be seen a little bit better with a little perspective.

    An acquaintance recently provided me with some of that needed arms-length perspective. They casually asked if we had commission flexibility. They were surprised at my yes. How did she not know what I can do and do, do?

    I’m so used to doing what I do that I can forget that not everybody knows what it encompasses. We REALTORS® have lists that enumerate all the steps involved in any given transaction and the value of what we do. They are long lists. But there is another list, an even more fundamental one–my yes list. This list is so much a part of my everyday that I forget to see it and share it. So here is a pass at it.

    Yes, we can craft a customized commission plan based upon needs and goals. Yes, we can connect you (and your out-of-town friends and family) with a quality, vetted agent anywhere in the country. Yes, we can help with commercial real estate–lease or purchase. Yes we are happy to help you find vendors of all sort (and have some fabulous personal connections to some). Yes, we work with for sale by owners. Yes, investment property. Yes, re-locations, farm ground, exchanges. And yes, all price points.

    The yes list may be as long as the value list but this column only allows a few more words. My vision is not getting any better so please help me see what I’m not seeing and sharing. Give a call and ask your question. There is a good chance the answer is yes.

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