Win Win (October 22, 2016)


    by Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    It is election season and I am a “Facebooker”. It is not a winning combination.

    I’m a believer in the win-win strategy. In the crafting of a deal my first priority is for my clients to decide what works for them. What price, what date, what terms will work for them. Then, we keep our eyes on that prize. We always try to improve upon that prize- more net dollar retained for seller, fewer dollars spent for buyer, usually chief among many goals- but never forgetting the original goal we set as we head out onto the muddy waters of deal making.

    Just as election season can look like a race to the bottom, so can a real estate deal if we are not careful. We are dealing with high stakes in both cases and emotions are on high alert. But if we allow reason to carry the day, and keep our eye on the prize, it is usually a win. This, for my money, is one of the most important roles of an agent. Buyers, let the sellers be “right” in saying the wallpaper is perfect as long as you have accounted for it’s removal in the agreed upon price, and sellers let the buyers be “right” in saying it must be removed if the purchase price meets your needs.

    All the angry election rhetoric on Facebook does little to persuade me and I certainly don’t want it to cost me actual friendships. All the intrinsically different opinions on the state of the home will do little to persuade either party, and we certainly don’t want them to cost us the deal.

    In this kind of real estate transaction there are no losers and no casualties. With this kind of “keep your eye on the prize” winning attitude we can wade through the muck- emotions and ever present bumps in the road- together and find that prize waiting at the end. Post that on Facebook and I will “like” it for sure!

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