What We Are (August 10, 2019)

    By Becky Huebner, REALTOR®

    Included in the stack of papers when writing an offer is one that speaks to the fact that we agents are not experts in the condition of your new home. We cannot vouch for its current or future condition. That form has been on my mind this week.

    A past client has become aware of some challenges with the nature of the construction of their home. They are frustrated. I understand.

    Buying a home has had the same frustrations for my family. Within weeks of our home purchase we had sparks in our outlets. In another house, it was water – a lot of water, and in another house, cracking tile and other smaller things. There is no perfect house and life is not predictable. We do our diligence, we usually hire an inspector, and then life happens. In our case, all were remedied and all were fine homes that we were glad to call ours.

    There was a house fire in my neighborhood recently. It was a beautiful home in seemingly beautiful condition.  It was shocking, sobering and unpredictable.

    A family I care about has had a year from “you know where” this year; too much loss and too much pain. The unrelated events were shocking, and entirely unpredictable.

    Real estate agents are not contractors, or prophets who can predict, but we are the helpers. Mr. Rogers as usual says it best “ .. Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Those helpers may be personal or professional and the tools a hammer or a hug. Your REALTOR® is there to help you find good professionals to keep the unpredictable to a minimum.

    We good agents–and I include the vast majority of my colleagues in this group–want nothing but the best for our clients. We do our diligence and encourage you to do the same.  We are not out to make a quick buck, but an honest and good buck and help you be a good steward of yours. We can’t take away the challenges and the unpredictable nature of real life or real estate but we are here to walk with you through it.  We may not be the fixers but we are the helpers.

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