What to Expect When You Are Expecting…To Sell (July 23, 2016)

    by Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    With apologies to the author of the book written for expecting mothers, I have a few thoughts on a different kind of waiting and expectations.

    You have listed your house, and expecting to sell:

    • You will likely make your bed, load the dishwasher and clean up pet messes every morning (and swallow your pride when you don’t).

    • You will expect your agent to contact you for showings with not much notice and at inconvenient times. You will try really hard not to “ shoot the messenger”

    • You will say yes to a showing if at all possible; even if your house is a mess from company, even if you have to run home and put the dog in the kennel and even if it is your baby’s nap time. You may have only one shot at this buyer. Buyers usually cannot or will not meet your preferred schedule. They may be from out of town, they may have 15 other houses to see or their work schedule may limit home shopping opportunities. If you say no you may have just missed your buyer.

    • You may come home to find the either the showing has not happened or that buyers show up just as you are pulling in your driveway. Usually agents are hardworking and courteous and will notify your agent if schedules change, but not always. It is tough to nail down exact showing times when you are looking at 4-14 houses in a row. Buyers move more slowly, or more quickly (as does traffic) they sometimes cancel, often last minute. Life happens- sickness, work, you name it, and notifications are not always top priority.

    • You will want to see your house as a little business, not as your home ( this is hard to do but will help tremendously if you can).

    • You will do your part and we will do ours. We all will practice patience and we will persevere. And usually labors- of all sorts- will be rewarded. No bundle of joy perhaps but a nice purchased sign is worth the wait too.

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