What Matters (October 14, 2017)

    By Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor

    I’ve been showing a whole bunch of houses in a particular price range recently. In doing so I was reminded of a few house hunting basics.

    • There is no perfect house.
    • There are many things that matter that may not immediately meet the eye.
    • The “shiny” things are typically not the most important things.
    • It’s hard to look past the “shiny” things.
    • The one thing you cannot change is location.
    • How you want to live- commute, community, how much home/yard maintenance- matter a lot.
    • Most everything else can be changed.
    • The changing becomes a dollars and cents, time and inconvenience equation.
    • Do your best to count your costs ahead of time.
    • It’s (almost) always more costly than expected.
    • It helps to have a second set of eyes.
    • It helps to have those eyes belong to someone who has seen quite a few houses and ones that have no vested interest in which one you buy (yes, your realtor).
    • You are first and foremost buying a home (exception is investment property). If we can make a good investment so much the better but keep the first thing first.
    • Your guess is about as good as mine when predicting future market conditions at re-sale time.
    • If you reach out to your Realtor sooner rather than later that prep time can set you up for success when the right house appears.
    • Make sure you are all-in when ready to write an offer. There will be bumps in the road.
    • Keep your eye on the prize, not the “sausage making” when they come.
    • Take all the time you need to decide, but when you have decided don’t delay. Even a house long on the market can suddenly become a hot commodity.
    • Different people value different things. There is no good house or bad house.
    • What matters the most is what matters to you.
    • There may not be a perfect house, but there is likely a pretty great one that is just right for you.

    Give your agent a call when you are ready to try on a few.

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