What does a realtor do anyway? (January 21, 2017)


    by Amber Cross, Nebraska Home Sales realtor

    In general people do not fully understand what other people actually do on a day-to-day basis unless they have been in a similar role before. From the outside looking in, people think they have a high-level view of different types of jobs. For example, a cashier is a person who takes money for items, puts the items in a bag, and provides a receipt. Some people think a realtor sells a home by showing up on Sundays, having an open house, and making a reasonable living just working on those Sundays. Can a career be summed up in a one liner broad definition? The answer is no. Let me start of by saying, a realtor does not just work on Sundays. Realtors work on commission and there is no steady paycheck that comes in monthly or bi-weekly. Realtors are not paid for their gas, time, phone calls, setting up showings, etc. Their duties include answering the phone, showing homes, attending open houses, and bringing people together who are in the market to buy or sell a home. When meeting individuals, realtors are constantly being interviewed, and a good interview leads to “the journey of a real estate transaction together.”   Most people, in conjunction with looking online at homes, look up realtors and evaluate them by their bios. After looking at real estate directories online and interviewing a couple, call them and interview them. Persistence is not a bad trait in real estate! Let the realtor ask you questions about your goals and dreams you are seeking. When you find a good one, then hire them! Want to make a realtor smitten? Tell them that they are the only realtor in your life! They give so much to their clients so give your loyalty back to them. A realtor is a trusted confidante. Realtors open homes, show you around, tell you secrets, make you think, point out items you aren’t going to like or don’t want in a home, and realize you are so in love with the home because of its décor!! Realtors bring you to ground zero and keep you on track. They make sure your new house must be just right! Educate, Facilitate, Negotiate. Realtors schedule, direct, conduct, help you get title, insurance, lenders, movers, and inspections. Realtors are paperwork wizards and are licensed to fill in those blanks. They understand real estate law, disclosing, promoting and marketing. Realtors work long hour days to plan with you and dream with you. They find time to meet your extended family when they come in from out of town, and want to see the amazing home that will be yours!! Countless emails, tours, updates, repairs, paperwork, phone calls, meetings, miles, homes, and they will even will help get you into your home when you have locked yourself out. Realtors always show up! They are always there! Whatever your career is, you are much more than a one liner, you are amazing!

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