Want To Help? (April 9, 2016)

    by Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    Fingers crossed- we are about to enter the whirlwind season in the world of real estate. I stand (with excitement) ready to help you, and you can help me too. Should you care to know, here’s how:

    Be Loyal
    If I am your Realtor by all means go to open houses but call me to show houses and write your offer. I love my work but it is work. I get paid when, and only when, we close on your house.

    Be Pre-Approved
    Be ready to buy when the right one comes along. Know how much you can, and want, to spend. Spend your time, and mine, looking at homes that meet your criteria. Have a lender letter ready to go. It is a brisk, and sometimes competitive, market and the buyer with the lender letter is a better buyer. I love to recommend lenders that in my experience get the job done, so let me know if you would like suggestions.

    Be Patient
    If you are in front of a house you just love do let me know. But, please know that I cannot likely hop in my car right now and show it to you. Some things are urgent (like responding to an offer, and some showings- see below) but typically showings are not.

    Be Prepared
    These days you are often sending me the list of homes you would like to see. Many homes are occupied and need an appointment. Even if they are vacant I structure my day around showings requested and appointments set. A simple add on while showing is not as simple as it seems. I map out a geographic path that is time and logistically efficient. Of course there are always exceptions. Did the perfect house the just come on, or back on, the market? Are you ready to buy? That, I will want to squeeze that in, last minute or not. For that one, I will try to hop in my car to show you right away.

    Be My Teammate
    When waters get rough sometimes it’s easy to forget we are on the same team. Paddle together, we will get there more quickly and more gracefully.

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