Trends (September 24, 2016)


    by Katie Pocras, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    My buyer and I walked into the kitchen of the 1995 townhome, and paused and looked around. The kitchen was neat, clean, and in excellent condition for a more than 21 year old home. My buyer noted, positively, on the ample counter space, the eat-in kitchen, and bay window. But, she mused, the kitchen is all light oak… oak cabinets, oak floors. Yes, my buyer wanted dark wood, trendy dark wood.

    How things come back around. Ten years ago I clearly recall the opposite kitchen. The 1970s homes had dark wood floors and cabinets. At that time my buyers were saying they wanted all light oak, nothing dark. Case in point, did you save your shag carpet rake from the 70s? Shag has been back for years.

    According to “Elle Décor” online, here are some of the 2016 trends. Three are kitchen related which attest to the importance of this space: (1) Mix materials, be eclectic, not perfect or polished, (2) Mismatched cabinets. Go bold. (3) Black stainless appliances.   Upholstery fabric is large, bright florals. Light fixtures are metal with matte finishes. Fireplaces are room focal points without TVs hanging above. Family living area is digital free. Finally, welcome back the formal dining room. Will any of these trends make it to Lincoln? We’ll see.

    What’s a home seller to do? My recommendation is to live and enjoy your home. Make your home as you want it. Yes be bold, be brave, and remember paint is inexpensive. When it comes time to sell your house, enlist someone who can cast a trendy eye. Homeowners are too close to their home to be as discerning as needed. Determine your budget and what will give you the most for your dollar. Don’t underestimate the power of updated lighting and cabinet pulls, which are inexpensive and easy to do.

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