Transition Thoughts (January 16, 2016)

    by Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    As I start my day at the start of the New Year I flip on fireplace the sky lightens, slowly, my thoughts go toward the day, week and year ahead. But first I pause.

    I want to hold on and soak up the year before that slipped away, again. It was a good one. I had some bumps, and challenges, but certainly not my fair share. Once again the good guys, the good moments prevail. It’s the people, always the people that made the journey, the year, the life worthwhile.

    A few from 2015 I won’t soon forget:

    The new to town buyer who hoped that a dream home could be found for less than $100,000. It could. Her gratitude carried my day.

    The single mother with narrow margins, a first buyer who backed out that could have made her despair. She hung on, we sold, margins preserved and hope too.

    An investor buyer, humble as the day is long, had a lot to invest. These people made their money; their money did not make them. Lives well lived.

    Sellers with lives rich in accomplishment and hard in the quantity of pain, moved. Patience and kindness to spare, circumstances did not ruffle them.

    Health challenges meant a plan B just a year after a happy Plan A. Plan B’s cost more money, more work. They adjusted, I got to help. Their joy, love and optimism carried their-difficult- day and mine too.

    Divorced, widowed, bright and overwhelmed. A much loved home now overwhelmingly big but overwhelmingly cherished must be sold. The process a delicate, careful dance. The final curtsey of move accomplished almost made me clap out loud.

    The pure delight of working with little ones (and their parents). The ones who think I own every house I unlock for them.

    The aching beauty of the elderly, gracious gentleman and surviving spouse, moving forward, letting go, and turning over this home where his whole rich life was made, turning the key for the last time. Such class, grace and strength it must be imbedded in the DNA of that home.

    All of this and more embedded in me. Thank you all.

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