To My Favorite Reader (December 31, 2016)


    by Katie Pocras, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    This column is dedicated to my favorite reader. To my favorite reader, I could write no wrong. Yes, she wore rose colored glasses, at least where my musings were concerned.

    My favorite reader died this fall. I’ve written many columns about pre-packing, downsizing, a life-time of memories to disburse. I’ve sold houses for estates, widows, and surviving children. I’ve watched personal items be distributed, sold, and fought over. I’ve seen families fight through the grief and get things done, gracefully, and I’ve witnessed some families being destroyed over small things.

    Now, it’s my turn. My favorite reader left things in pretty good order, but there were still plenty of things to go through, decisions to make, letters to read, items to reflect and consider. Note to self – get rid of all things your children shouldn’t see or have to deal with.

    As we’re in the holiday season, remember to enjoy your family and loved ones. Or, perhaps, beyond the holiday season. Think big. Here’s a great gift idea: help someone organize their home. Go through boxes, donate clothes, and help get things in order. I recently tackled a project. It took twice as long as I would have thought. But when I got done with the room, I wondered what took me so long to start this project? I think organizing things is like old wallpaper: when you first move into a house you’re going to take down the wallpaper. After a while, you forget about it, get used to it, and you stop seeing the wallpaper.

    To my favorite reader: Thanks Mom for all your comments. I wish I could email you this column, too

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