Tis The Season (February 23, 2019)

    By Susan Buettner, Nebraska Home Sales Associate Broker

    Tis the Season. Not that season. The trade show season. You know that one where you go and get tons of ideas about projects that you’d love to do someday. Is your someday this year?

    I have to admit, I love trade shows.  Not only do I love working them, I love going.  Why? Because not only do I love stealing the ideas, no curating the ideas, I love the swag. You know what swag is don’t you?  It is all that fun stuff they give you to stop at the booth. I love to get the tootsie rolls but my favorite was the yard sticks from the state fair. Okay, technically the state fair isn’t a trade show, but it was the same idea. You walk up and down isles and isles of vendors who have fabulous items that you may or may not need, and you listen to their ideas. Then, you graciously accept their gift. The yardstick was the ultimate takeaway. It had so many uses. Even for apartment dwellers.  The best use was the “get whatever fell behind the refrigerator” helper.

    While one show has already come and gone, don’t fret, there are others coming.  There are many in fact. But, don’t go just for the chip clips and magnets and the elusive yardstick, go for the information. Talk to all the vendors. Ask their advice.  Ask for referrals. Take as many business cards as you can carry. Maybe grab a bag from someone who is handing one out? Call those numbers when you are ready to do your work. Not every homeowner can be a “DIYer” and not every homeowner should be a “DIYer.” Professionals are members of these organizations that sponsor the trade shows for a reason.  The organizations provide support and each member holds the others to higher standards.

    My point is this, go get ideas. Make changes to your home so that you continue to love it, or so that you can help sell it to move on. Seek help and utilize the shows to find the professionals in one stop shopping.  If you get a chip clip or a yardstick while you’re there, all the better.

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