Time Will Tell (February 6, 2016)

    by Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    This morning I “face timed “with my son. He lives in Rome. We were digging into thoughts on the immensity and speed of the changes, brought about by the digital age. When he left for college- it was just yesterday, right? – He did not take a cell phone, and this morning in my living room we chatted away face-to-face. Communication has been one of the good things that have evolved. The ease, speed and price of communication. Remember when we called on the weekends, after 7pm, when rates were lower?

    We move a lot more today; across town, across country or across the world. Last I checked the average was every 7 years but I’m betting that number is even lower. Now that we can keep our cell numbers, and rarely add new landline numbers, it seems we change our address more often than we change our phone numbers.

    This should have some bearing on the homes we choose to purchase. It should really have bearing on the custom houses we build. As they say “ The best laid plans of mice and men”.

    I met a new friend recently. She has lived in the same house since she was twelve years old. Her family moved in, father passed, mother moved with new husband to new home, she stayed through college, brought in roommates, she married, raised a family, divorced, re-married. Through all, she remained in the same home. What a treasure that home is, and what a treasure of a life, of lives, lived there.

    So choose your home well, only time will tell how much time you will stay. Your phone number too. My new friend, her phone number has never changed either.

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