The Life of a REALTOR® (June 1, 2019)


    By Rich Rodenburg, Nebraska Home Sales Associate Broker

    In my case, the life of a REALTOR® is a great life. I love meeting new friends and reuniting with old. I relish in planting seeds for when my new and old friends are ready to buy or sell (in a couple of months or years).  I have learned what is important in the listing and sale of a home, and I feel the emotions that are involved.

    I have always been at my best when maneuvering around potential crises and resolving issues as they come. All this happens almost every day in my life as a REALTOR®. And, I love it.

    I calculate that we spend at least 80 hours in each purchase transaction, mostly after we go under contract. The ‘before time’ with buyers is searching for a property, showing multiple homes, and writing up contracts.

    We spend far more time representing our sellers.  The ‘before time’ is doing a market analysis to properly price the home and a tour of the home advising on how to prepare the home. If hired to list the property, we take photos, room measurements, garner the selling points, sometimes coordinate repairs, enter the listing, coordinate showings, do Open Houses, present offers, and negotiate a fair acceptance.

    After these steps, we make sure the purchase agreement progresses through inspections, lending, title and escrow. When inspections reveal problems, we get bids and negotiate repairs assuring everyone is happy and informed.

    The typical buy or sell side transaction has about 75 pages in 15 files. There are piles of electronic files to track. Paperwork is one of the many reasons I choose to work with a team of agents (Kim Soucie and Tim Reckling of Your Team).

    And, there is the math. We do a Comparative Market Analysis of every home we visit. We find apples-to-apples comparisons to calculate fair prices.  We then provide estimated costs for our clients (buyers or sellers), so they know the bottom line.

    I’m now in my 15th year as REALTOR®/Associate Broker and co-owner of Nebraska Home Sales. I love helping people sell or buy their home in Lincoln. It is not an easy living, and as the new Nebraska motto says “It’s not for Everybody”, but I love it.


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