The Life of a Home (September 21, 2019)

    By Paula Randall, REALTOR®

    What if walls could speak? What story would they tell?

    As I thought about this, my mind went to the story of “The Giving Tree”. The thing the tree wanted most was the boy’s happiness. It gave all for him.

    How is a home like the tree? Our homes, wherever they are, serve us by providing protection from storms, heat, cold and dangers. Our home is a place where we feel many emotions; love & anger, kindness and disrespect, gratitude and ingratitude, appreciation and disappointment, happiness and sadness and the list goes on and on.  Our home is always there waiting for us to come home to, to put our feet up, have family and friends over for celebrations, welcome new additions to the family and to make life enjoyable.

    As you look around your home, what stories would it tell? Some happy, some sad? And what does this have to do with real estate?

    Well, real estate is the stage where life is played out. The sets change when we move to new locations, downsize or need more space. Our homes are the sets of our personal and family lives. Our places of employment are the sets of our professional lives. Businesses we frequent are additional sets that impact our lives. Real Estate is at the core of our lives, even if we never purchase a piece of property. Each day we rely on real property to serve us or help us in some way.

    As I walk into properties, I wonder about the history of the lives that have used it. What did this piece of property give to the people? I also wonder about the history that is yet to be made in these houses.

    Some pieces of real estate are old and historical, some are architecturally stunning, while others are plain but useful. All are pieces of who we are, as people, communities, neighborhoods, states and as a nation.

    Real estate is one of our biggest investments. I appreciate those who care for their and our investments. Thank you to all those that clean, repair, and maintain our public and private pieces of real estate.

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