The Great Ones (March 9, 2019)

    By Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR®

    “I’m so disappointed. What are the next steps?”

    Under contract for a month my sellers’ closing was right around the corner. Until it wasn’t. The agent called with bad news.  Buyer no longer wished to purchase. As we say, it’s never done until it’s closed. I had to break the news to my sellers. It took their breath away, but then they asked, what next. In that moment I knew I had great clients. We had some tools in our tool box and some good luck too. We had it re-sold within a day for more than before. We got great results courtesy of great collaboration with great clients.

    “Really, I should offer more than list?”

    We had a suspicion that we would have competition. It was good motivation to get the offer written, now. But what if another offer came in before they responded to ours? This was the home they had been waiting for. What was this house worth to them?  It was worth more than list. They asked, they listened and they got their home. At that moment I knew I had some great clients. We got great results courtesy of great collaboration with great clients.

    “I’ll call the other agent tomorrow, I don’t want to bother her on a Sunday night.”

    This is an agent who does real life, and real estate well.  She didn’t want to bother the other agent and she didn’t want to bother me. She knew what was urgent, what was important and what the difference is.  She has a work ethic like none other and some good experience under her belt.  She was covering my business so I could get away. I had called for an update but I got a reminder. I was on vacation and I did not need to call.  She knows when to call and when to handle. These are the moments that tell the tale or the kind of person and kind of agent she is. She is a great one.

    So now we take a lesson from our great clients. We are taking our good businesses and collaborating to bring you the Real Life Real Estate Group. Together, Sarah Bishoff and I are dedicated to pursuing great results for our great clients. Collaborate with us?

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