The Good Life (December 2, 2017)

    By Brynna Luke, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor

    I remember driving my cousin to Von Maur for a piano audition back in 1999. The department store was one of the first stores at Southpointe Pavilions, the new outdoor mall with an uncertain future. On one side there were naysayers who couldn’t understand why anyone would want to shop outdoors all year long. On the other side economists, developers, city engineers and countless others saw something bigger for our city and went for it.

    SouthPointe was on the Southern boundary of Lincoln, mostly surrounded by cornfields. Eventually you would hit Saltillo Road and then Hickman, a small town with a gas station and the best fireworks tent in the county. Superior Street housed Lincoln’s one Walmart and it wasn’t even a supercenter.

    Fast forward a bit and we have witnessed an explosion in both residential and commercial development. From Alvo Road to Yankee Hill and Fallbrook to Prairie Village North by the Lancaster Event Center, people are coming to Lincoln and it’s no wonder why.

    According to Nebraska continues to rank high on the “Best of” lists: Job creation, workforce quality, business, technology, and quality of life just to name a few. Our state tops the list for high school graduation rates and popcorn production. Hey, what fun is a trip to the movies without popcorn? It’s important.

    Hickman has doubled in population since 2000 according to

    Yet with all the change some things remain the same. The American Dream of homeownership is still strong, new ideas that cure disease, expand markets and create opportunities for Nebraskans are the life blood of our communities. Education, arts and humanities programs, community events, social and charitable programs that are forever changing lives, and of course, the friendly wave from passersby out on country roads are the reasons why people come and stay. I did.

    This time of year it is tradition to take time to reflect on our blessings and express gratitude for all we have.

    Today and always I am grateful to live in such a great city.

    I am grateful to be a Nebraskan.

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