The Closing Story (November 10, 2018)


    By Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR®

    It was a doozy of a closing day, three in one day.

    For me it’s the story, in real life and real estate, that makes life rich.  This day wrote a few great lines.

    She’d traveled a road, hard, but familiar to many. She lost a house due to economic challenges.  She worked her way back and she was ready for the new chapter. The opening lines were promising and she played her part well. But every transaction has two sides and this other side was not playing ball. It was disappointing, a bit ugly, and no house was had.  But she was patient, optimistic and persistent. She tried again. That fortitude and militant optimism paid off and made her a homeowner, once again.

    It was their forever home, but some us know to take forever thinking with a grain of salt.  Now they do too.  A year does not forever make and their lives changed just that quickly. It is unusual to “come clean” in a real estate transaction in less than a year of ownership. They accepted reality, knew that numbers don’t lie and priced appropriately.  Their personal financial household was in good order and it allowed them to respond as needed. They were willing and able to pay the price to move on, and move they did.

    She loves her mother and provided for her, generously. Age won the battle more quickly than hoped and the place needed to be sold. Over improved out of love and hope, the market was not likely to bear the price needed to recover her investment. Eyes wide open she decided to gamble a bit in an attempt to recover at least some of that investment.  She won the bet, it sold well, but market value may not be appraised value, and appraised value is what most buyers can, or will, pay. It’s fun to win and this time we did. It appraised at full purchase price and her investment was largely recovered. Love is always a risk and always a win. Today it won the bottom line too.

    Wisdom, resilience, preparation, optimism and love write a pretty inspirational story. It pays to pay attention to the stories. I find doing so makes for a doozy of a life.

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