The Big Prepare (June 17, 2017)

    By Rich Rodenburg, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    Almost every homeowner has thought about the inevitable day they will list their home for sale.

    What category do you fall in?

    1. A) “Never gonna sell this house.” Or “Feet first, kickin and screamin,”
    2. B) “Hopefully not for a long time.”
    3. “I’m always checking out other houses. Sure, you could make me move.”
    4. “We really need a different home, but we could survive here for a while.”
    5. “Yikes. All of a sudden I might own two homes. LET’S GET THIS BABY SOLD! YESTERDAY!”

    Friends and clients often ask me for advice on how to maintain or “fix up” their property. So here is some quick advice.

    If you are an A or B, just like with your personal health, regular maintenance is better than trying to repair the damage later. You should keep an eye out for things that can be fixed now for a little money, or later for a lot, like leaks, bad seals, dry rot, etc. You should enjoy some home improvements. You can always call upon your Realtor to see how a major change to your home might affect your value today. And, if done well, you should recoup the cost and maybe realize a profit in a few years.

    If you are a C, be prepared to act quickly to place your home on the market if and when that perfect house presents itself.  You may have only a few days to have your home listed after you’ve gone under contract.

    If you are a D or E, call your Realtor immediately. We will go through your house with you, and we will advise what repairs or improvements will benefit you the most to assure a quick sale. These will usually be low cost items, and many will be purely cosmetic. These might include some painting, carpet, simple fixture upgrades, and almost always, decluttering and a deep clean. If we spot something that will likely become an issue during the inspection process, we can help arrange to have those things fixed before listing.

    Please rely on a Realtor to guide you through the process of getting and keeping your home ready for a sale, whenever that time may be.

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