Spring to Life (April 21, 2018)







    By Susan Buettner, J.D., REALTOR®

    Spring is generally the time where we see colors come to life.  Maybe not this Spring, but generally.  The colors are vibrant and their enthusiasm is contagious.  Ever felt differently simply because of the color you are around?  I do.  I know that I am one of those people who hate brown grass and leafless trees.  My brain is more active and creative when I have the colors of spring and summer surrounding me.

    Does color matter, in the scheme of things?  Does it affect your lifestyle?  Sure it does.  Consider this, if you sat in a room with black walls, black furniture and carpet with the only light being artificial, how would you feel?  What if the room had tons of natural light coming from windows that changes the color on your walls depending on the time of day?  What if you added even small touches of your favorite color by adding pillows or accessories to a room?  Does it change your mood?  I remember in high school begging our teacher to allow our Literature class to read outside on the newly green lawn.  Do you know why?  It wasn’t just to get out of class, it was because our moods changed.

    I pose this challenge to you, find a new lifestyle simply by changing a few elements that surround you at home or even in your office.  Don’t wait for Spring to give you an uplifted mood.  Part of what makes your life happy is loving where you live.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s not about money.  It is about finding that mood.  For some people, like me, we need a little help redirecting our down moods up and you can do that by using color.  So paint that wall, grab a few new pillows or simply add a few plants.  You don’t have to buy expensive items or find over the top luxurious items to feel like a million dollars.

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