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    • Spring and Summer are good, but Fall and Winter ALSO pay off! (August 26, 2017)

    Spring and Summer are good, but Fall and Winter ALSO pay off! (August 26, 2017)

    By Teresa Hauck, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor

    Kiddos back in school, no more 100-degree days, an abundance of garden goodies! Summer is coming to an end. Personally, I’m a bit saddened because I didn’t get enough time at the lake. Cold, yet beautiful, months are knocking.

    As a Realtor, the question I hear most frequently: When is the best time to buy or sell a home? My answer to them is that each season brings some unique opportunities.   The perception is that listing your home in the spring is the best.   Spring and summer get attention because the weather is nice, giving people something to do after hibernating through the winter. LOTS of “lookers.” Keyword: “lookers,” not buyers. Late winter may be a prime time for listing your home as fewer people decide to trudge through the snow to look at homes. Fewer people, but they are motivated.

    Below are advantages/reasons to buy or sell in the colder months.


    1. Less inventory = More Attention. If there’s a shortage of desirable homes, there are chances of a multiple offer situation.
    2. First-quarter job relocations. Companies tend to place and/or relocate their workers during the first quarter of the new year.
    3. Less Landscaping Work. Snow=shovel. That’s it.
    4. Less Mess in Your Home. Fewer “lookers” tracking through your home.
    5. A Faster Home Sale. It’s counterintuitive, but true. Homes often sell more quickly in the winter months. Chilly weather speeds up decision-making. They are ready for it to be done with and are quicker to pull the trigger.


    1. There are fewer buyers. Sellers are more eager to work with you.
    2. There are tax motivations for sellers in the winter. Sellers might want to take advantage of selling their homes to improve their tax situation before year end.
    3. You get to see how the home works in harsh weather. Cold, moisture and wind will test the ability of the home to insulate.
    4. You may not have to negotiate as much.   Sellers know that the season requires compromises, which means they are priced right, ready to sell, which equals less haggling.

    When to buy and sell is more of a personal question. Each season has its own unique opportunities. Contact your realtor for a more extended conversation.

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