Some Secrets Need To Be Shared (April 2, 2016)

    By Russ Meyer, Nebraska Home Sales

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    I can’t hold it in much longer, I have to tell you about Neighborworks, an organization here in Lincoln that is not so secretly making home ownership a reality for all kinds of first time homebuyers. Yes, it’s true!

    Neighborworks, a local organization, is celebrating thirty years of investing in the core areas of Lincoln with re-habilitation and renovation of homes, and providing grant dollars for down payment assistance on homes purchased by first time buyers. Yes, you read that correctly, forgivable second mortgages! Tell a friend.
    It’s not all they do. Neighborworks holds monthly classes to educate buyers on the process of finding a home, working with a realtor, household budgeting with a mortgage, knowing what to expect with home inspections, and most importantly; being a good neighbor and steward in our community. They facilitate sustainable homeownership thru education. Pass it on!

    And it gets even better. Neighborworks has embarked on a new building project that will significantly add to the transformation on the east side of downtown Lincoln, with a new upscale townhome development named Antelope Square, near 22nd and Q St. If you like the thought of living downtown where the nightlife and hubbub happen, Antelope Square is for you. If you are a fan of walking to work downtown, restaurants, or the University of Nebraska campus, Antelope Square will be just a stones throw away. It will overlook the beautiful Antelope Valley Park and trails complex, and sport a stunning view of the downtown Lincoln skyline. But remember it’s a secret!

    Guess what? Antelope Square townhomes will be available for purchase by first time buyers too. Neighborworks believes that economically diverse neighborhoods make Lincoln strong, that it’s a catalyst for strong communities.

    If you are interested to know more about Neighborworks programs and offerings don’t hesitate to contact the organization at 402-477-7181 or at Some secrets need to be shared!

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