Skype That House (November 5, 2016)


    by Katie Pocras, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    I was walking the buyer through this really great 2 bedroom, 1 bath home earlier this fall. The home had really great lines, curb appeal, and was just plain, darn cute. Character: Yes. Deferred Maintenance: Big Yes. And there were a lot of buyers interested. The stream of buyers kept coming. But given the maintenance, unfinished basement and only 1 bathroom, the buyer pool became smaller.

    I walked through the house with my buyers – both architects- so they were undeterred. They saw all the potential. But would mom? You see, they were buying the home for Mrs. Buyer’s mother. She’s going to retire and move to Lincoln. No warm sunny days or retirement tax breaks for this lady. Oh, Mom was so excited about this home. But, wait, she never saw it. Not exactly…

    Mom saw photos online, but even better, the buyer Skyped with her while walking through the house. Skype is an application of your mobile phone or computer that allows you to talk to and see the other person. The buyer walked all over the house, both inside and outside, holding up the phone, talking. Mom saw everything along with commentary from both the daughter and me.   She liked what she saw and my buyer made an offer, and the offer was accepted.

    Mom did come and see the house in person during the inspection period. And she was not surprised by anything because she had ‘walked through the house already’ with a mobile phone. She did love the house, by the way.

    The advances in technology were fabulous in this case. Mom didn’t have to hop a plane, see the house, and then make an offer, hoping the home was still on the market. And as a bonus, while Mom was Skyping the house with the buyer (her daughter), Mom got to watch her grandchild toddling around.

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