Sipping and Seeping (June 24, 2017)

    by Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    I start my days in silence, mug of dark roast in hand, clearing the cobwebs away. It is my seeping-in time. Life comes at me quickly and if I don’t pause, the lessons risk being the run-off. So, I sit, sip and let the old seep in before the new begins.

    Things are slower this week and I’m making good use it. I’m soaking in some extra lessons from the whirlwind that was along with my bonus sips of Sumatran.

    It only takes one. It was on the market for close to a year (last few months with me). It was a wonderful home, impeccably maintained and appropriately priced but it had couple features that just would not work for many buyers. These were things that could not be changed and sellers despaired. Last week, it sold. It was the perfect home for that buyer as it was for that seller.

    You reap what you sow. If a buyer or seller digs in their heels in an effort to win a battle, there is a good chance they will lose the war. Reasonable negotiations usually bring reasonable results.

    The “others” matter. You can close in eight days from day of listing. It is just the latest example of how much the agent and title agent across the table matter. Professionals rowing in the same direction to serve our client’s needs can accomplish remarkable things.

    Reputation matters. I found myself on both the receiving and extending end of the “ your word is good enough for me” in recent transactions. In one case it got my clients home sold to the best (and best matters in multiple offers) buyer and in another it won my buyers their house. Many qualifiers and limitations to this of course, but at the right moment it is everything.

    You can buy a house sight unseen. Your tribe, technology, and the right realtor can make it happen. It feels pretty great to be deemed worthy of this kind of trust and confidence.

    I could share bunches more but two cups are my limit and I’ve got more to learn today.

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