Serendipity (February 23, 2018)











    By Brynna Luke, REALTOR®

    Sometimes deals fall apart at the seams, and sometimes they seam together so beautifully that we, as agents, wonder if we really had any part at all, or if it was just serendipity.

    Rose and her husband John built their home in Roca, NE in 1974. On their large acreage they raised three boys and then retired quietly.

    Upon John’s passing in 2017 Rose decided she was going to sell the land and move out of state to be closer to family.

    Rose and John are good friends of ours so when I heard about her move I was saddened, but I also understood her need to downsize and be around family. Shamelessly, I asked if I could help her sell her land and got a flat No.

    Meanwhile, my husband called a friend, who had expressed interest in purchasing a large acreage, to gauge his interest in purchasing this land and got a resounding Yes.

    Soon after Rose texted my husband saying that if I wanted to interview for the listing, along with some other NHS agents, I could.

    We interviewed, toured the land, mentioned there was an interested buyer, and then, feeling a bit defeated, left knowing Rose was determined to sell FSBO.

    Surprisingly, a few weeks later she offered me the listing if I could indeed bring the buyer and if I could get her moved by October. She gave me just 3 days to list the home and execute a purchase agreement.

    And then it all fell into place. We submitted our offer, finalized the financing, arranged personal orientations regarding the maintenance of the property, as well as the private sales of personal property. We closed September 14th and she was moved into her new home, which she had purchased during the orderly madness, before the snow started to fall.

    Call it what you will: faith, fate, or destiny. Bringing buyers and sellers together is a REALTOR® ‘s main role and it was truly an honor to bring these two families together, forming a friendship that will last long after the For Sale sign came down.

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