Selection vs. Custom (September 30, 2017)

    By Amber Cross, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor

    Hi Lincoln! I’ve been leaning toward talking to you about new construction. There is a boom in new homes in Lincoln and surrounding areas. There are many options when choosing to build a home. One of the most important is deciding how much decision-making you as a buyer want to do.

    What are the differences between selection building and custom building? A selection builder has semi-customizable options for some items. Your selections are considered the “accessories” of a home- and the favorite part of building besides decorating! You can choose from predetermined selections for your floor coverings, appliances, door and window styles, cabinets, vanities, bath and kitchen hardware, backsplash, exterior finish and etc. You can pick your home out in just a couple hours if you wanted.

    You also have pre-determined floor plans to choose from. Sometimes you are allowed to make minor changes to the floor plan. The semi customization of a selection builder allows you to customize some aspects of your new home. Anything outside of these customizations is considered an upgrade with additional charges.

    When you work with a true custom builder, there are no pre-determined floor plans. There are no predetermined accessories/selections. You are involved with the entire selection process.   You choose exactly what you want in a home. Good custom builders work with their clients until they feel like the home is the exact fit for them! The builder provides the structure and the means to build a gorgeous home to the buyers’ specifications.

    There is nothing standard with a custom builder. A custom builder will sit and meet with you, discuss what your needs are, discuss what your budget is. They talk about what size of home meets your budget and needs and then help you design and price out what the house will cost to build. With a custom home, you get to ask all the questions. Don’t be afraid to ask!

    Check out the Build page on the Nebraska Home Sales website for some great builders, both custom and selection. Give me a call! I would love to help you build your next home.

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