Seasons of Home Ownership (February 11, 2017)


    By Sarah Bishoff, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    The final layers of ice are melting off lakes and ponds and the southern winds are blowing the last of the cold spells north. Soon flowers will bloom, trees will bud and the grass will turn green. A new season of life begins.

    Just as nature has seasons of life, so does homeownership. Have you ever noticed how closely the two coincide? Spring brings a fresh transition and the opportunity to keep your home well maintained and “like new.” A fresh coat of paint here and there, new landscaping and sparkly clean windows are a few of the cosmetics that make a home visually appealing, but there are a few other maintenance items that can help keep your home in a well-maintained condition.

    1. Drainage – Gutter function and foundation grade seem to go hand-in-hand. Check your gutters for debris and leaks. Make sure downspouts are on and move water away from your foundations. Inspect exterior foundation walls for low spots needing to be filled. Move that water away from your home!
    2. Home Exterior –Make a thorough visual inspection of siding, trim, windows and roof. Look for chipped paint, loose boards and shingles, cracks, and cracked or peeling caulking. These cosmetic fixes also seal your home from water and pesky critters.
    3. Home Systems – Spring is a good time to have routine maintenance done on your A/C, underground sprinklers, and septic/sewer systems. Routine maintenance on your A/C can help you avoid sweating it during those first hot days of summer. Make sure all sprinkler heads are in good repair and turn the water back on to check the system. Rural residents typically have their own septic systems, and experts recommend having septic pumped every 3-5 years. For in town residents on city sewer, have sluggish plumbing checked out and be particularly conscientious if you live in an older neighborhood or have established trees.

    These are a few exterior maintenance things that can help keep your home well-maintained. If any of this maintenance is out of your weekend warrior abilities, check with your friendly realtor. We usually have a contact or two and are here to help you!

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