Seasons (November 11, 2017)

    By Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    The mid-day sun is deceptively warm. But that sun, low hanging in the southern sky, the sparse, browning leaves, and the north breeze all hold a note of what is to come. It seems buyers and sellers are taking note. The serious note in the air raises the question of how this impending change will affect our home ownership hopes and dreams. The waning sun reminds us that dilly- dallying is no longer a luxury we can afford. Decisions are pushed to the front burner.

    I’ve gotten a number of calls recently involving some version of “should we sell now or wait until spring”. It’s certainly no fun to have a house on the market when it is cold, dark and wet. It’s not much fun to house hunt then either. However, have you noticed that sometimes the hard things are also the worthwhile things?

    Last week I met with prospective sellers who asked their own particular version of this question. We talked through the pro’s and con’s, the opportunity and the opportunity costs. At end of the day what matters for them, and most sellers, is not so much the season of the year, but the season of their life. It is always a good time to sell and to buy. Each season of the year, and of life, has its own version of what is hard and what is easy.

    This time of year we tend to have fewer buyers, but they are serious buyers. We also tend to have fewer sellers, but they are realistic sellers. All in all the delta between buyers and sellers seems to be pretty similar in every season and we have successful transactions in every season of the year.

    Not only are the days short, but for at least one buyer out there, the inventory for their desired home was in short supply too. My sellers? They listed and sold a day later. Crossing fingers (it’s never done until closed) they will be spending the next season in their next home.

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