REALTORS® on Vacation (July 21, 2017)







    By Russ Meyer, Nebraska Home Sales Associate Broker

    I’ve been in the process of preparing for a vacation. To be prepared for the coming busy fall months, it’s time for a little late summer fun, relaxation and vacation!  I’ve been thinking thru all the details that need to be covered while I’m away. REALTORs® need to have back-up plans In place so that our buyers and sellers can have a continuity of excellent service. Our work does not stop because we go out of town.

    For this summer I am calling on my fellow REALTORs® at Nebraska Home Sales to help me.  I try to match up REALTOR® personalities with my buyer and seller clients so that everyone wins.  Currently, I happen to be working with first-time buyers that want to see lots of listings. I’ve matched them with fellow top agents that love the teaching and excitement that comes with buying a first house. I have a wonderful REALTOR® watching over my listings.

    I’ve been doing my paperwork, and my desk says it all.  As I type this story, a clean desk, free of files, notes and to do-lists is blankly staring up at me. I leave on our trip knowing that all my paperwork is wrapped up. My clients who are in  the files stages of a transaction are covered. It’s not an easy task to delegate all the details, so I try to have it done. Then, refreshed from a week away, I can start anew.

    Want to know what many realtors do on vacation?  Quite honestly, over the years, I look at houses at our vacation destination!  I’ve been known to check out the Sunday open houses in Boulder, Colorado, sight see and take in the acreage listings in Wyoming, and recently, pop in to real estate offices in California wine country! I always learn more about our profession as I step back from the day-to-day business and can take it all in from a consumer perspective.

    Alas, real estate never takes a vacation. REALTORs® have all the electronic ways to stay connected while away, and we have our fellow agents to help us with the ‘onsite’ work.  So just call us, we will answer. Vacation is calling me!

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