REALTOR® Q and A (October 19, 2019)

    By Russ Meyer

    REALTORS field tons of questions from buyers, sellers, and the general public every day. My wife and I like to joke that small talk is easy for us (we’re both REALTORS). When people ask us what we do for a living, there is an often-endless stream of questions. Real estate, the economics and the process, the growth of our city—these are top of mind for people whether they are homeowners or not. And real estate can often feel like a big, mysterious thing.

    Queries range from basic to highly detailed and nuanced.  Answers, too. For example, a common question from prospective sellers is, “How long will it take to sell my house?” A good answer as my fellow REALTOR Becky Huebner would say is “it depends”.  That “depends” is something a good REALTOR can help you figure out.

    We get lots of questions on the process of buying and selling. There are lots of steps and potential pitfalls to avoid. I get a lot of questions on the mechanics of a house, the construction of houses, and even whether or not a house is really for sale (sometimes the house just seems to perfect for a buyer to really be for sale.)

    Have you ever wanted a question answered by a Real Estate professional? Something easy or perhaps even a bit more in-depth but don’t know who to ask?  I love answering questions, and I love the curiosity. The numerous questions tell me there is a real need for information about this aspect of all our lives.

    I want to invite you, yes you, our loyal readers of this Nebraska Home Sales column to participate in the Ask a REALTOR Q and A process.  Drop me a line, send me an email, or give me a call and I will gladly answer.  I will answer your questions or refer you to the proper source of information.  I’ll even put a few of them into my next column in November. Contact Russ Meyer at 402-310-8262 or at If you would like to write a letter, please send it to our Nebraska Home Sales office: Russ Meyer, REALTOR, 6201 S 58th St Suite B, Lincoln, NE 68516.

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