Real Life. Real Estate.

    by Becky Huebner and Katie Pocras, Nebraska Home Sales Realtors

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    We’ve change the title of our column to “Real Life. Real Estate”. So many times we’ve been asked, “Do these stories really happen”? We assure you they do! We have one client who has inspired at least four columns. She cuts them out and puts them on her bulletin board. But only she and we know the columns are about her and her home selling experience. “That’s OK”, she said. “I know!”

    Real life and real estate go hand-in-hand. In our experiences the two are as wedded as the chocolate and vanilla in a soft serve twist cone. Trying to separate two kinds takes away the fun and the flavor. Sometimes, like a child eating a cone, real estate does get messy.

    Homes, houses, history, heritage, finances and family, baggage of all sorts, can make for a messy business. But what would life be without them?

    Please dive in share our journey as we make our way through this business. We have been around the block of this world of real estate and of life too. We learn from each experience and encounter and in turn will share some of our take-aways with you. We will shed a little light on our world and hope that some of it will spill over and help you see yours a little more clearly too.

    It’s hard to know what is around the corner. I know ice cream season is though. Perhaps your real estate season too. So grab some napkins, or these articles, and be ready. It should be fun.

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