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    By Russ Meyer, Nebraska Home Sales Associate Broker/REALTOR®

    I’ve written about this before, so, stay with me for another good story. Did you know that there is an organization right here in the capital city that helps first-time buyers become homeowners? I know what you’re thinking…real estate prices have skyrocketed, and new construction building prices will be soaring with the new tariffs…there is no way you could buy a house in this crazy real estate market!

    Fear not! NeighborWorks, a housing organization here in Lincoln, is not so secretly making homeownership a reality for all kinds of first-time homebuyers. NeighborWorks has a three-pronged approach to transforming whole neighborhoods—community building, a home ownership program, and real estate development.

    NeighborWorks, Lincoln actively seeks opportunities to create home ownership opportunities. In Lincoln’s tight market, this means development. They built three at the corner of 33rd and Vine. They built seven single-family homes at 9th & D. And now they are completing their largest development at Antelope Square—a total of 24 townhomes.

    NeighborWorks Lincoln is magically turning first-time buyers into homeowners with education and down payment assistance. Yes, you read that correctly, NeighborWorks offers financial help to those that qualify. And they do that by providing the opportunity to purchase, own and maintain a home (existing or refurbished) through their educational programs and their assistance programs.

    NeighborWorks helps build communities of owners that will stick around and get to know their neighbors, and help to foster others that want to help create community where they live. They also create partnerships with local businesses and organizations.

    In partnership with Assurity Life Insurance and the support of the neighborhood, they began the Antelope Square development last year. Over the last four years, they have worked with the neighborhood and the city to build the development at 23rd and Q of owner-occupied housing.

    The real estate playbook in Lincoln is both deep and wide with all kinds of housing and financing programs to check out. I encourage you and your REALTOR® to contact NeighborWorks Lincoln for more info about their program and learn about the many ways to get involved, maybe even buy a house! Call NeighborWorks Lincoln at 402-477-7181 or on the web at


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