Radon (January 5, 2019)


    By Rich Rodenburg, Nebraska Home Sales Associate Broker

    One of my recent guests on Start Moving radio show (Saturday mornings, 8-8:30, KFOR 1240AM and 103.3FM) was Mark Zeller. Mark is co-owner and founder of Zeller Home Inspections and A to Z Radon Solutions.  January is Radon Action Month.  We all learn something every time he is on.

    Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, behind smoking. If radon is high and you smoke, your risk of cancer rises fifteen-fold.

    Radon is naturally occurring in certain areas, and Lincoln is right in the heart of the highest levels.  Radon gas is the by-product of radioactive breakdown of elements beneath the soil.  As it escapes the earth, it can be trapped and accumulate in our homes.  The EPA has deemed that any reading at 4.0 or above should be mitigated.  The best test, also performed by our friends at A to Z, is a device that sits for at least 48 hours in the house and gives an average radon level.

    About 65% of homes tested in Lincoln are high.  Some slightly over 4.0, some many times higher.

    If high, the solution is to mitigate.  Mitigation draws air from under the foundation and pipes it safely above the roofline.  Typical cost is about $1,000 to design, install and retest.

    Most home buyers ask for a radon test as part of the inspection process.  Most will ask for mitigation if high.  It is a common factor in today’s home purchase scenario.

    Mark announced last week, that their company is going to select one homeowner who otherwise can’t afford to mitigate to receive a Free Radon System. A to Z Radon Solutions will accept applications through January and select one to install in early 2019.  If you feel you qualify for this free system, or if you know someone who might, you can email them at: office@ZandHenterprises.com or call 402-742-5806 for more information.

    In May, A to Z Radon Solutions will do the same for a member of the military.

    We at Nebraska Home Sales are happy to support individuals and companies that give back to the community.

    Wishing all a Happy New Year.

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