Practical Gifts for a Practical Life








    By Russ Meyer, Nebraska Home Sales Associate Broker

    My mother-in-law loves Christmas. Last year we played a game where gifts were wrapped in a big ball of saran wrap. Whoever unwrapped a gift from the ball on their turn, got it. I unwrapped an air pump that you can plug into your car cigarette lighter.

    Not exciting, but I figured it would come in handy someday…like last week. We picked up a load of dirt in our trailer and the tire went flat as we turned the corner from Cornhusker onto North 70th. That little air pump saved the day.

    What could this possibly have to do with real estate?

    Practical gifts are essential to homeowners. My sister-in-law’s boyfriend bought her a new washer and dryer for her new home. That spells true love, doesn’t it? For her, it does.

    But isn’t buying a home supposed to be about all of the exciting things? Finding the dream house? Finding a house that fits a growing family? Finding that really cute first-time home? Yes, buying a home is about the exciting new phase of life it represents, but like all new phases, once the paperwork is signed, the hard work, the real life, the practical begin.

    Practical gifts come in many forms. The celebratory drinks at your favorite local hangout are a great gift idea. Don’t forget that your family/friends could also use help with moving that heavy couch. Most homeowners will need practical help and practical gifts to get their new home up and running. Donate boxes for packing, offer to help move boxes and furniture for a few hours, bring a meal (and that bottle of wine you wanted to give them), or paint a room. Heavy lifting, yardwork, painting, and cleaning are essentials to setting up a new home and maintaining that home. These are useful gifts and will be appreciated.

    Practical gifts aren’t just for when someone moves into a home. Just ask my in-laws who joyfully received new bathroom fixtures a couple of years ago. Practical gifts make a difference whether you’ve lived in a home 5 minutes or 50 years.

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