Our Town (March 19, 2016)

    by Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    We moved here in 1989 when Cripple Creek was just happening, Humann Elementary was a hole in the ground, the coyotes ran the commons by night and the cows south of the dirt road called Pine Lake road moo-ed by day. We came for a job, raised a family and learned that the good life really was really good. The kids grew up, the jobs changed but we stayed. Thank goodness.

    We kept our heads to the ground while raising our kids, molding (as much as parents can mold!) them to be responsible, contributing adults and savoring (almost) every step of the way. Our efforts, beyond making a living, were devoted largely to that and surrounding activities. Thankfully though, there were others who were busy doing more.

    Employers, colleagues, neighbors and friends, right around us were helping our town grow up too. Just as suddenly and surprisingly as the tots became teens and then terrific adults under our unblinking eyes, so too our town, has done the same.

    When I run across well formed children of all ages, I want to say “thank you” parents for the most important job done well. In the same way I say thank you to our leaders for molding our city into its’ maturity. It was a fabulous town before but remaining the same is never an option; only forward or backward.

    I am tempted to name names but won’t. But as in my childhood prayer for “everyone we love” I say, “Thank You”. For those with deep pockets, deep hearts, deep work and deep devotion to our town. To those who could have lived more lavishly or in other locations, to those with vision, to those quietly working, steadily plodding and not giving up even through the “worst of times”, I say thank you.

    Your efforts are now being noticed on the big stage, your baby is launched. As in parenting, the results are not in your hands, only your efforts. Thank you for your efforts. Your results are spectacular. This town you raised helped me raise mine, and me, and I say thank you.

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