Our Mothers (and Fathers) (October 5, 2019)


    By Rich Rodenburg

    Almost daily, we (my partners Kim Soucie, Tim Reckling and I) are helping our senior citizens transition from their often decades-old homes into independent or assisted living new homes. Our involvement typically is to help coordinate all of the details, including the selling of the home and often the purchase of a new smaller home that offers greater safety and convenience needed at this stage of life. We are happy to coordinate or at least make recommendations for movers, estate sales, etc.

    Then, it happened to me. My own vibrant 91-year-old Mom, Ruth, announced, when she was only 80, that even if she stays mobile and driving, she would make the move to a retirement village when she turned 90. Last winter helped her make that decision, as she was not comfortable going out to volunteer at the hospital and blood bank, get her hair done, to church activities, buy groceries, etc. for weeks at a time. So, the decision was made.

    We found Mom an apartment at The Legacy, hired helpers to fix some issues in her existing home and sold her house (in one day). Then, the real work began. My three siblings helped decide what would move with her, what purchases she needed, hired people to sell some of her extra ‘stuff,’ and distributed the rest to family, friends, the new buyers and charities. Then the packing and moving.

    Fortunately, Mom had lots of help. Others we work with do not. There are services that can help with the process. Changing Spaces (a regular guest on my Saturday morning radio show, 8 AM, KFOR), is ready to step in when needed to do everything to make the move easy.

    Mom’s move helped me appreciate the logistics and emotions of making such a move (she was very happy in our home of 58 years). She is very happy with her new friends and home now.

    Most of the folks we help make this transition have one common complaint: They wish they would have done this sooner.

    Please, call us, even if you are just starting to think about making a move like this. It is never too early to start the process.

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