Other Things I Have Learned (September 23, 2017)

    by Rich Rodenburg, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor

    Thanks for the positive comments about my last article a couple weeks ago.

    In it, I related how my experience starting and owning two bicycle shops helped my philosophy when starting Nebraska Home Sales and my current practices helping folks buy and sell their homes. To summarize: Promote home ownership, provide a good value (helping to save money), and provide excellent service throughout the process.

    In a former life, I was also a full-time swim coach for age-group programs, a high school, and UNL. I learned a lot in those 28 years of coaching. Swimming requires a lot of complicated skills and arduous work. For kids to learn those skills, I had to be a clear communicator. To get the most out of the athletes, a powerful motivator. Most of all, the entire process had to be fun.

    I try to use those same skills working with my buyers and sellers on a daily basis.

    A home sale is a complicated process, with lots of moving parts. I teach all parties what to expect and coach throughout.

    When buying, we need to find the right home by looking at the property and weighing all the pros and cons. We can help work with lenders. We help write a strong and fair offer. Once accepted, there are inspections, work with the title and escrow closers, and work with other Realtors to keep moving efficiently toward a successful closing.

    When selling, we can help decide how the home can best be made appealing to potential buyers. Photos, descriptions and marketing are important to show the home in the best light. Proper pricing is key. When offers are presented, we weigh the pros and cons, calculate the costs, negotiate counter offers, and advise in selecting the best offer. Once under contract, we advise through the inspection process, ride herd on financing, appraisal, title and escrow. Communication is key throughout

    Buyers and sellers must be motivated to be decisive and active in negotiations.

    And, through all of this, we should be having fun. It is our job to keep stress at a minimum. A real estate transaction can be a rewarding experience.   Let us help make it so.

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