Ohh, The Places You’ll Go!

    by Russ Meyer, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor

    Forgive the title, but I thought it was appropriate in graduation season. Recently I was thinking of all the places I’ve been in this really interesting, emotionally demanding and yet highly rewarding career. Some days I wake and cannot possibly fathom where the day will end up.

    Sometimes we have little control over our schedules. Realtors often meet clients on their schedule wherever they are. I met some buyers at the hospital in the neonatal unit after their fifth child was born. Mom said it was high time, right then and there, to write an offer on a new house. So we did, with new baby just hours old, supervising the offer process!

    I have met families at birthday parties, at Skate Zone, and at Chuck-e-Cheese. Parents signed on the dotted line for inspection repairs that were hard won while their child played skee-ball. I’ve met with the Mayor to help pitch a real estate development proposal.

    There are sadder situations, too. I have met a family at an end of life care facility with a terminally ill seller to list and sell their home. Empathy and compassion are essential for these times.

    I get to see all kinds of properties, too. And, ohh the places you’ll go!

    Realtors take along boots because muddy fields get transformed into neighborhoods. I’ve helped a minority group looking for land in which to start an religious/cultural cemetery. Also on the list: horse rescue farms, frosty frozen homes, moldy ones, fire-burned, and homes so small there wasn’t a place to sit and sign paperwork. I’m not too proud, so we all sat on the floor.

    I visit with and assist all kinds of buyers and sellers. My day may start in the dilapidated or the infested and wrap up in million dollar homes with handcrafted, rare, and expensive decor. There are serious buyers and sellers at both ends!

    As a realtor you get invited into personal situations very quickly, getting to know people and figuring out how to help best. The fun and the adventure is being flexible and ready for anything…and ohh, ohh the places you WILL go!

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