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    By Lynn Hartzell, REALTOR®, Nebraska Home Sales

    They say writers should “write what they know”. Although I am certainly not a Hemingway, Shakespeare or even Gary Larson (Far Side cartoons), I think it’s a good idea. I’m a recently licensed real estate agent. Here’s what I know about becoming a freshly minted REALTOR®. (The ink is still pretty wet on that document, just let it dry a bit before handling.)

    I’m pretty representative of how people find a career in the real estate business. I didn’t go to Real Estate College out of high school or get an advanced degree from Eastern Nebraska Real Estate U (go Fighting Escrows)! I retired from a seemingly unrelated business after a long career. The beauty of real estate is that attributes that serve us well in other endeavors help us excel here. Customer service, negotiation, organization, teamwork and creativity, to name a few.

    Real Estate Agents in Nebraska go through a lot of steps and training. First, apply to the Nebraska Real Estate Commission.

    Next, visit your friendly neighborhood State Patrol office for a background check. REALTORS® are in a position of high responsibility and are thoroughly checked.

    Next are the classes–60 hours on principles, practice, law, and ethics. If you’re like me, this is where the first little panic attack sets in. I mean, just because I hadn’t taken a class of any kind for 10 years or so, no big deal, right? After the first impression of “what did I get myself into?”, I settled right in. In a few months, I had passed both the classes.

    If you’re an “old” person like me (I remember wearing platform shoes to school dances), it’s time to turn up the anxiety, because it’s test time! It’s a challenging test, as it should be.

    Once you’ve passed your test, head over to the Commision, wave those documents stamped “passed,”to signal that you’re the newest member of the club! This is when your field training begins.

    The thing you’ll learn in this whole process: a REALTOR® means professionalism and integrity. And our education is to serve you, our clients. Now that I’m with a great team at Nebraska Home Sales, I’m looking forward to many years of serving homeowners and home seekers in the Lincoln area.

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