New Year’s Resolution (December 17, 2016)


    By Katie Pocras , Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions. They don’t seem to stick. However, this year I’ve decided my house needs a resolution. And since this clearly doesn’t involve me, then just perhaps I’ve got a chance.

    To start, House, you need to go on a diet. I figure House can painlessly drop a few hundred pounds. If you read one of our previous columns by Julia Yank about Stuff, she’s right. I’ve got stuff and it’s weighing down the House. I’m going to start with that box I haven’t opened in 6 years. Side note: I just showed a buyer a wonderful home this week. Here’s one of the reasons she didn’t like the house- no place to put stuff. Almost every inch of space was finished interior space. People do want their giant junk drawer.

    Next, it’s all about appearances, and it’s time House bucked up. My House should be red (not yellow) in embarrassment. Face it, most people who come to visit us come through our garage. My House needs to clean its garage. It’s a simple recipe and I think I’ll post it: one broom, one hose, one screaming child, turn on water, sweep, repeat. And House? Please keep the planter boxes watered. It’s easy in the spring but by the middle of July, I get tired of watering. Side note: the buyer I was showing homes to this week? What really caught her eye were the home’s details. Clean, well-appointed, design interest.

    Lastly my House should be light and airy. House, you should keep your front porch light on, and yard lights, too. Make yourself more inviting. And for goodness sake, air yourself out once in a while. Open the windows and let in the fresh breezes. Side note: When looking at homes late last summer, how refreshing it was to a buyer to walk into a home and feel the breeze, not the air conditioner. The buyer felt soothed and relaxed, not hot.

    And, finally House? One more thing. It’s your turn to get the mail.

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