Moving Parts (June 11, 2016)

    by Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    If there is one thing I have learned it is that I don’t know it all. The moment I think I have something figured out, a moving part moves, and I don’t. But I learn something every time it does.

    I am a new (and yes, over the moon) grandparent who was recently blessed by her grandson’s first visit to Nebraska, and I was to babysit for an evening. Just me and my little guy alone on ordinary week night. I had the drill down pat, had checked and double checked my duties. This was the evening of my dreams and I was ready.

    While said grandbaby and I were hanging out together, I also had a few homes under contract (sold, not yet closed). Contracts put together duties were done, lists checked and double checked, all parties hanging out ready for close.

    Except while hanging out; sellers, buyers, grandmother and grandson, a moving part moved. And what moved was the sky. The heavens opened, with exactly no warning the sirens went off and we all dashed to our basements. Bottles and baths left undone, schedule scrapped, and the houses, well….

    I am an experienced mother and I knew how to take care of my grandson, how to adjust, calm, (and along with a large portion of good fortune) protect, my little guy through this storm.

    There is a paragraph in our purchase contracts that states a home, at close, must be in a similar condition to when it was purchased. Many of our under contract homes in Lincoln, no longer were. Their condition changed in an instant. But this is where we Realtors earn our keep. We learn something each time and we know, or learn, how to navigate these storms, and moving parts of all sorts, how to adjust, calm and protect our clients.

    When the ordinary turns extraordinary you can count on your Realtor to help. And sometimes your grandmother too.

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