Miscellaneous Musings

    By Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales

    When it’s nose to the ground time there is little time to process the lessons along the way. But with the deep breath that is late August I grab my coffee and listen to the nuggets that have been begging me to take notice. Listen in?

    • First and foremost, thank you. I appreciate the opportunity to work for each and every client. You are what allow me to make a living and a life.
    • I am a skilled, experienced agent but I am not a perfect agent. I make mistakes and miss opportunities. I attempt to learn from every success and every failure. We all know which one holds more lessons.
    • It is almost always price. A property fails to sell. Out of frustration a seller switches agents, drops price and shortly afterwards the property sells. It’s not magic, it might be luck, but usually price. I’ve been first and I’ve been second, won and lost.  It’s not me; it’s price.
    • There is no perfect house; new, old or in between they all have flaws. Things can change between walk through and close, and any other time along the way. Houses that have never had water, get it, stoves that work one day may not the next. Inspections help but are not perfect either. Home ownership is not for the faint of heart.
    • Most parties to most transactions; sellers, buyers, agents, lenders and inspectors are well intentioned, doing their part to the best of their ability. Problems are just a part of this process. You have an advocate in your agent when they arise, but arise they will.
    • Grace under pressure is a pretty fabulous thing. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some clients who have shown me this in spades. To them, an extra measure of thanks is due.
    • When tempers flare I understand that too. Not many things are more stressful than a move. Family dynamics, finances, sheer physical exhaustion all play their part. It’s tough. Move is a four- letter word for a reason.
    • Showing off our town to relocating buyers is a special treat. We have it good here.
    • No better place than here to do real life or real estate.

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