Making Memories (October 28, 2017)

    By Amber Cross, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor

    A reader commented this last week that we enticed all of you for five weeks with talk of Builderfest. We never told you.

    BuilderFest 2017 was a successful event. I think it is safe to say that about 1000 families toured the homes.  It exceeded our expectations. The planning and execution took some real teamwork; in the end it was worth it. Here are a few memories from the event.

    Block Party: The neighborhood was swelling with cars and people.  It was bustling with laughter, friendships, and friendly faces. Builders, Realtors, and visitors to the homes were having fun.

    Location: Visitors loved the fact that all the homes were on two blocks. It was a one-stop shop to see all five homes in one to two hours. Visitors could leisurely tour the homes on foot without worrying about time, travel, and traffic.

    Weather: How did we luck out with 75 degree weather for the event? In early August!  It was a blessing from the heat wave of the weeks prior. All the fresh sod and landscaping needed a break, too. We were able to leave the front door open many days to make the homes even more welcoming.

    Distinct Building Styles: Though in the same neighborhood, even on the same street, your home will not look like your neighbor’s house! The homes range in price points from $350,000-$540,000.  Each home is distinct with different curb appeal, floor plans, building styles and designs. Each home is unique.

    Community: We had over 34 sponsors for Builderfest! It was a sponsor-funded, community event. I think this shows how much Lincoln was craving a different approach to the traditional showing of homes. Our sponsors came from every facet of the home-building and real estate community. Without them, the event would not have been possible.

    Volunteers/ Partners: Volunteers from Nebraska Home Sales, the builders, and sponsors served tirelessly to help keep our event on track and provide excellent customer service.  From picking up signs and cooking hot dogs to handing out water and gift bags, they were an integral part of the event.

    We look forward to hosting Builderfest again next year! And we hope you can join us!

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