Lucky? (December 24, 2016)


    By Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    Are you actively house hunting? Would you consider a move if that certain house came on the market? Would you consider a move if your current home is worth “X”?   Are you wondering if you should remodel or move, or both? Have you ever tried to go after a house and not gotten it?

    If any of the above apply you will want an agent working for you. And, as in so many other areas of life being proactive here will serve you well. If you commit to your agent, they will commit to you.

    Example: You are searching on “everyone’s favorite website” and you find that special property. You reach out to the agent listed next to it. Surprise; that agent may, or may not, be the listing agent (marketing takes many forms). That agent may, or may not, return your call right away. If I do not know that you are my client, your call may be urgent, but it is not as important as responding to my known clients.

    Many a time we get inquiries, invest time and energy without a transaction actually happening. That is the nature of our work, and we are happy to do it, as time allows. But we, like you, prioritize our time and energy. The result is that the loyal buyer or seller is more likely the lucky one. When that special house comes on the market, or will be soon, or we come across that perfect buyer for your yet to be listed house, or we know you might sell if the price is right, guess who we will reach out to.

    James Taylor, and your favorite realtor, croon “winter spring summer or fall, all you have to do is’ve got a friend.” If you are our friend, our client, we are most certainly yours, any time of year. And we are both in luck then.


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