Look for the Helpers (April 1, 2017)


    by Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    Mr. Rogers famously and wisely advised “look for the helpers, you will always find people who are helping.” It seems this is part of why it was always a beautiful day in his neighborhood.

    A client said just yesterday “what were we thinking? My husband is out of state, I am here with the kids and the house to sell and then there is the actual packing and moving.” She is a seasoned mover but had had temporary amnesia when initially embarking on this journey. It all came back to her as we were getting the ink on her contract. She needed a helper and found one in her realtor.

    They were planning to build, had put money down, and the process was under way. Interest rates went up; the loan was not locked in (as is typical), and new rates meant the new home was no longer affordable. They needed a solution. I put her in touch with someone who could help, and plan B is now underway.

    We recently went for a hike in the mountains. The walk is typically easy but the slushy snow melted then froze to make the once wide enough path a bit too narrow, and slick, for comfort (at least my comfort). A strong hand to hold onto and an experienced voice together got me through that tough patch and led to a view that was well worth the moments of terror. I needed a helper, and my husband and our friend were able ones.

    I have a helper in this world of real estate. Sarah is a top-notch agent in her own right but chooses to help me. I get to do more of what I am best at, and she fills in the gaps in my proficiencies (let’s just say I’m not a tech wizard) and my schedule. She helps me help my clients.

    In each case the journeys initially seemed straightforward and the parties seemed quite capable of handling them. But we know that life’s journeys aren’t usually as straightforward as they initially seem.

    Ask for help, be a helper. Real life and real estate are less scary, more fun, and we get places together we could not alone, including perhaps, a pretty great neighborhood.

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