Listing and the Holidays (October 5, 2018)

    By Russ Meyer, Nebraska Home Sales Associate Broker

    I love the holidays—any reason for a gathering with friends and family. The family is coming to town this Christmas, so I’m already planning on two Christmas trees, lots of lights, maybe a gingerbread village in the front yard. I’m planning to go all out this year.

    I know a lot of people who go all out for the upcoming holidays. I’ve seen some pretty good posts of Halloween decorations going up on Facebook in the last few days. I know the Thanksgiving turkeys are coming soon, too.

    There might be some of you out there thinking about listing your house over the next few months. And it’s a great idea. But you’re also might be wondering about how to decorate for the holidays while your house is on the market. Can you have that graveyard in the front yard this year? What about the entire gingerbread village in the front yard and themed rooms during Christmas? How many trees is too many?

    Think about decorating your house during this season in the same you always do. Then take it back a few steps. The principles of staging your home for selling it during this season are the same as they always are—declutter, clean, repair. Keep it simple, Sam.

    Your holiday decorating can be the same way. You should always be comfortable in your house. Decorate your home if that’s an important part of your holiday season. But, consider how the decorations can offset the great features of your home. Keep it simple and attractive.

    If you are a zealous holiday decorator, have a couple of your less zealous children or friends help you out this year. Have your REALTOR® walk through your house and give some advice on those decorations. Done in the right way, your holiday decorations can add to the appeal of your home, too.

    Houses sell every day of the year. Not kidding. I get phone calls on all of the major holidays. I’ve written offers on many of them. Don’t let concerns over holiday decorations keep you from listing your house.

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